Thoughts On a Sunday Afternoon in Florida: June 14, 2020

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Well, here we are on the brink of mid-June, with the annual transition from spring to summer just a few days off and also 14 days into the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. It’s hot and humid outside; the official temperature outside is 91 degrees Fahrenheit, but with humidity and wind speed/direction factored in, the “feels-like” temperature is 97 degrees. In my home state of Florida, which lies in the subtropical zone, we are used to warm and muggy weather; I’ve lived in the Sunshine State nearly all of my life and I can attest to that.

However, until the 2000s, the average temperatures for June were not quite as hot or humid; this, after all, is only the second month of what Florida residents know as the wet season, and though I remember it getting warm and muggy around this time of year, heat indexes in the low 100s were never quite a “thing” this early. July and August? Sure. June…well, June was when Floridians’ long hot summers were just getting started.

Now, every summer begins with higher-than-average temperatures……

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Because today is one of the few days when I don’t have to write during the day with my computer on airplane mode, I decided to spend my Sunday connected to the Internet and create a post for the original A Certain Point of View over on Blogger. It wasn’t anything special; I didn’t write a review or a politically-themed essay, although I was sorely tempted to write a scathing one about a Cuban-American woman who was complaining on Facebook that her young son had not received a stimulus check from the Treasury Department.

Not only was I annoyed by the sense of entitlement in her public kvetching that her son, who probably has not been working for a long time (he’s 18, if I recall correctly), but what really bugged me is that she had to drag the homeless into the equation.

I should have taken a screenshot of the comments on Facebook before I wrote a politely worded but still critical reply, a reply for which she “unfriended” me on the Social Medium. But basically, it went something like this.

My son still has not received a stimulus check. He has only been working for a few months….He went to the IRS site and filled out a form but he still hasn’t received a payment. It’s not fair! I have seen HOMELESS people get stimulus checks!!

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Again, I wish I had taken a screenshot; once someone on Facebook “unfriends” you, you can’t see any comments you make on his or her page, and it disappears even from your Activities archive. So I can’t quote my own comment to this person. The basic gist was this, though:

I’m truly sorry that your son has not received a stimulus check. To be fair, though, not everyone has. I have not, even though Social Security sent me an email advising me that I’d not be penalized with a suspension of my disability payments when I received a Treasury Department payment, which should have arrived sometime in May. I hope that your son gets his, but be aware that he is not the only one who is in this “no stimulus check” situation. Also, why is it necessary to say that “everyone else, including the HOMELESS, is getting theirs, but not my kid?”

Well, she didn’t block me; I can still see her public Facebook page, but she still unfriended me for daring to call into question her (a) sense of entitlement and (b) her barely repressed bigotry. In her reply to me, she figuratively clutched her pearls and said that she wasn’t generalizing – although she was – and that she was only referring to a young African-American woman with drug addiction problems who had received a stimulus check.

Ugh. That is racist, even if she says that she helps the homeless on a regular basis.

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I wanted to write a review today, but my heart was not in it. In these troubled times of COVID-19, divisiveness of every sort imaginable, including over such matters as politics, religion, and race relations, and the changes in my home country (the United States of America), it’s hard to get into a mindset that’s conducive to writing a review about a book, a movie, a music album, a computer game, or even a Star Wars figure.

Today, unfortunately, was a no-review-for-my-blog kind of day.

Am I upset that the mom who was whining about her son not getting a stimulus check unfriended me? No. Not in the least. She was not a close friend of mine even when we were in the same high school.

What I am upset about is that in the process of asking for advice on what to do about her son’s stimulus check, she had to pull out the “But HOMELESS people are getting theirs! Where’s my son’s?” card.

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I think I’ll go watch a Star Wars movie. Or look at my cool new Star Wars 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack display for a while. Watching freedom-fighting Rebels striving to free a galaxy far, far away from a fascist Empire always (or almost always) makes me feel a little better.

My Star Wars 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack display and the 12 Star Wars The Black Series figures for which it was intended. (It came with the 6-inch scale Darth Vader figure (back row, third from right), but I had to buy the other 11 figures on Amazon, To date, that’s my biggest one-time purchase of Star Wars figures in my 42 years as a collector. Note the framed poster from The William Shakespeare’s Star Wars box set, which was one of the last Star Wars collectibles I bought before Mom passed away in July 2015. (Photo Credit: Author’s Collection)

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts On a Sunday Afternoon in Florida: June 14, 2020

  1. Your situation brings to mind one I had with a former Epinions writer that got me unfriended as well. I knew it wasn’t going to end well when he posted what he did, but I bit anyway and I was right – he unfriended me. I don’t think you knew him – he mostly wrote booze reviews early on at the site. He was one of those “nothing matters unless it happens to me” types. I look at those types of people and think “no great loss” because other than times like this, I don’t notice their absence in my life.

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    1. I’m still annoyed with that woman. Yes, it’s awful that her son didn’t get a stimulus check. And she was not wrong in complaining about it on social media. But by bringing up possibly anecdotal (and apocryphal) homeless persons and dragging them into her situation was, in my view, uncalled for.


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