Thoughts and Musings on a Sunday Afternoon: June 21, 2020

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Well, Constant Reader, it’s Sunday afternoon here in my corner of the Sunshine State, and it’s hot, muggy, and uncomfortable outside. According to my computer’s Weather app, the current temperature is 95˚ F (35˚C), but with an almost becalmed wind and a humidity level of 50%, the feels-like temperature is 105˚ F (41˚C) outside. (Inside the house, that’s a different story; we have the air conditioning on at 74˚ F, or if you use the Celsius scale, 23˚ C.)  According to the forecast, no rain or thunderstorms are expected in our vicinity, but it is hot and humid out there.

I had hoped to have a review or a Movie Watcher’s Memory (MWM) post written and published by now, but the Muses have not been smiling on me this weekend. I started one draft for an MWM post yesterday, but the narrative was going nowhere, so it’s in my “saved drafts” folder in WordPress, at least for now.

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As for reviews…well, last week I wrote two reviews on my latest additions to my Blu-ray library. I have many other Blu-rays and DVDs in my collection to review, as well as books and Star Wars collectibles, but I think that staying up late to watch not just Superman: The Movie but a documentary about the making of the movie Alien Resurrection as well wasn’t the best of ideas.

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I do know, however, that if you enjoy my reviews of Star Wars The Black Series figures, you will be seeing at least one new write-up. Today Amazon shipped the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Lando Calrissian figure that I preordered in April. It’s supposed to get here tomorrow, so I’ll have a write-up on WordPress later in the week. I’d love to say I’ll have it up by Tuesday evening, but since we are entering the rain-and-storm season here in Florida, I can’t guarantee that.

My dad in his Aerocondor pilot’s uniform, circa 1960.

Today is Father’s Day 2020, so I will close this brief Sunday musing by wishing all of my readers who are fathers a Happy Father’s Day. I hope it has been a good one so far, and that you are all keeping safe and healthy during these tough and scary times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Our temperature here was as bad as yours. Although the humidity wasn’t quite as bad, it was up there for us too. We don’t have A/C in the whole house so I was sitting in the living room in my underwear when I came home. Today is a little better as far as the temperature, but the humidity is keeping us with thunderstorm threats.

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