Musings & Thoughts for Thursday, December 3, 2020, or: Christmastime in Trump’s America – Not Merry, Not Jolly

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Hello, there, Dear Reader. It’s late morning here in New Hometown, Florida on Thursday, December 3, 2020. Currently, the temperature is 60˚F (16˚C) under mostly sunny skies. With the wind blowing from the north-northeast at 5 MPH (8 KM/H) and humidity at 68%, the feels-like temperature is 60˚F (16˚C). Today’s forecast calls for partly sunny skies and a high of 73˚F (23˚C). Tonight we can expect partly cloudy skies and a low of 56˚F (13˚C).

Well, here we are, exactly three weeks before Christmas Eve and I’m still not in the holiday spirit. Even after getting all of my Christmas shopping done at Amazon and seeing the house being decorated – The Caregiver (aka the Ex) put up one of the two Christmas trees up last night, and I believe the outside lights are up as well – I feel just as adrift and Scrooge-like as I felt at Christmas in 2015.[1]

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Part of my Winter of Discontent (okay, technically it’s still fall, but bear with me) stems, of course, from all of the madness that’s going on in the U.S. with the Presidential election of 2020. A month after the elections here, Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, con man, womanizer, and mythomaniac, keeps insisting that he, and not President-elect Joe Biden, won the election and that Democrats committed “massive voter fraud” via mail-in ballots and supposedly-rigged electronic voting machines that somehow changed pro-Trump votes to pro-Biden ones.

I’ve been around long enough to remember the Watergate scandal and Richard Nixon’s subsequent resignation in August of 1974. I also remember the Iran-Contra Affair, Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and other Presidential lowlights and blunders – the Iraq War, anyone? – that show that the men we’ve elected to the highest political office are not demigods and that either they – or their loyal staffers -can and often do things that are unethical, immoral, and illegal. But I’ve never seen a President as corrupt, venal, and divisive as Trump.

Not only does Trump keep claiming that there was massive fraud – even though his own Attorney General, Bill Barr, stated yesterday that there was not – but his flunkies keep on coming up with outlandish conspiracy theories to “prove” that the election was rigged and thus “stolen” from Trump by Democrats, the “mainstream media,” and that most non-existent of boogeymen, the “Deep State.”

Roger Stone after his arrest and indictment. Image credit: By The Circus on SHOWTIME – YouTube, CC BY 3.0,

For instance, Roger Stone, the Nixon fan who brags about his many political dirty tricks and is often referred to by Trump as “my Roy Cohn,” alleges that boats from North Korea somehow sailed into a Maine harbor and offloaded thousands of counterfeit ballots to shift the election results to the Biden-Harris ticket’s favor.

Per the website Media Matters for America, not only does Stone claim that North Korea interfered in the 2020 elections, but he also suggests that Trump act swiftly and declare martial law to #StopTheSteal:

In the Alex Jones Show on Infowars, Stone said:

I just learned of absolute incontrovertible evidence of North Korean boats delivering ballots through a harbor in Maine, the state of Maine. If this checks out, if law enforcement looked into that and it turned out to be true, it would be proof of foreign involvement in the election. We already have enough if it is borne out that our voter data bounced from Germany and halfway around Europe before ending up in the United States, I think that would pass that legal test. The president does have specific authority where there are instances of foreign attempts to affect our country. I believe it’s 2-0-1-8 — I’m not sure of the executive order.

 Stone also said this about the need for martial law to be declared:

ROGER STONE: Right now I think we have to put all differences aside because what we have here is — you’re absolutely right — nothing short of a foreign governmental takeover of the United States. Let’s go to that show where I said specifically if there was overwhelming and compelling evidence of fraud and it was connected to the voting system itself, which it has been, then the president would have to consider the 1807 insurrection law or martial law. Headline: “Stone says if Trump loses he should impose martial law.” Not what I said. However, all the conditions that I did list in that article, Lin Wood seems to believe that we have exceeded, and I think the president has to have all options on the table as to how he proceeds. The one thing he cannot do, Alex, is quit. He has powerful forces arrayed against him.

I don’t know who Lin Wood is, nor do I care to find out, but he sounds like another flaky Trump loyalist, cut from the same conspiracy theory-spinning cloth as Stone, Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and, of course, Donald Trump himself.

And as if that wasn’t enough to dampen my holiday spirit, I learned this morning that yesterday we broke the U.S. one-day record for new COVID-19 cases – 199,998 – and deaths – 2,885 – thus putting a shadowy pall over the recent Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming Christmas and Hannukah celebrations.

Image Credit: COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

You’d think that a sitting – if “lame duck” – President of the United States would be doing his best to calm a nervous and scared population and provide calm, decisive, and effective leadership during a public health crisis. Most of the Presidents in my lifetime – from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama, including the flawed, tragic Nixon – certainly would have. But Trump?

Hell no.

Instead, Trump has been tweeting and making public statements on Fox News and other conservative media outlets designed to cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process and overturn the results of the Presidential election.

When other Presidents – including, again, Nixon – would be expressing their sadness over the death of 2,885 American men, women, and children, Trump is carping about allegedly disloyal Republican governors who are not going along with his “there was massive voter fraud” fantasies:

The “Republican” Governor of Georgia, @BrianKempGA, and the Secretary of State, MUST immediately allow a signature verification match on the Presidential Election. If that happens, we quickly and easily win the State and importantly, pave the way for a big David and Kelly WIN!

How can any rational American – of either party – be feeling happy that Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s Eve are drawing near?

I, for one, am not.

[1] That was the first Christmas after my mother’s death, which occurred on July 19 of that year.

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