Musings & Thoughts for Tuesday, December 8, 2020, or: Off to the Park for R & R (Reading & Relaxation)

The view from my favorite bench in the nearby park. (Alex Diaz-Granados photo)

Hi there, Dear Reader. It’s Tuesday, December 8, 2020, and it is a nice – if rather chilly – day here in New Hometown, Florida. Currently, it’s 56˚F (13˚C) under sunny skies; with humidity at 55% and the wind blowing from the west-northwest at 10 MPH (16 KM/H), the feels-like temperature is 56˚F (13˚C). The rest of the day is expected to remain clear and sunny, while tonight it will be cold and clear, with temperatures hovering near the freezing point. The low temperature will be 37˚F (3˚C).

Today I woke up relatively late – after 7:30 AM Eastern, to be precise. I usually wake up between 5:30 and 6 in the morning, except, of course, when The Caregiver’s oldest son either makes too much noise gaming or has a loud, long, and alarming fit of smoker’s cough. I suppose my body needed the rest; yesterday I was up at 3:45 AM due to the cold weather – The Caregiver doesn’t like using the central heating system – and couldn’t go back to sleep after going to the bathroom to “answer the call of Nature.”

Only in dreams…..Photo by John Rocha on

For me, this second Tuesday in December has been relatively tranquil, if perhaps a bit boring. I don’t really have anyone to talk to in person here, and because we are in the middle of a pandemic, it’s not like I can go to a friend’s house for a visit or – at the very least – go to a local mall and window shop, go to a movie, or eat comfort food at the food court. Hell, even my sex life is pretty much over since I don’t have a girlfriend to “do it with.”  Ugh.

I could, of course, try to work on my manuscript now that I don’t have that NaNoWriMo “50,000 words-by-November 30” deadline hanging over my head, but I can’t muster any enthusiasm for that. I should, but right now my heart is not into it. It is difficult enough to sit at one’s desk and mentally take a trip into 1944 to come up with a compelling story about citizen soldiers caught in the maelstrom of World War II when one is in a positive mindset; imagine trying to do so when one is sad and lonely and totally bereft of hope or happiness.

At least I live in a nice neighborhood.

I could also “bundle up” and put on a button-down shirt over my Star Wars T-shirt, as well as my walking shoes, my Star Wars Film Concert jacket and matching baseball cap, grab a book and my key to the house, and boogie on down to the nearby park. It’s still sunny and not bone-chillingly cold, and I haven’t ventured out much in the past week or so. Fresh air and sunshine might lift my spirits, and I won’t be at my desk all day like a 21st Century Ebenezer Scrooge.

So, before the impulse dies and I change my mind, that is exactly what I’ll do.

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