Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, May 15, 2021, or: Reflections for a Warm Spring Afternoon in Florida

My old neighborhood in South Florida as seen in May of 2015. Photo by the author

Hi, Dear Reader. It’s early afternoon here in New Hometown, Florida on Saturday, May 15, 2021. It’s a warm late spring day; the current temperature is 83˚F(28˚C) under sunny skies. With humidity at 28% and the wind blowing from the east northeast at 8 MPH (13 KM/H), the feels-like temperature is 82˚F (28˚C). Today we can expect partly sunny skies and a high of 87˚F (30˚C). Tonight, the forecast calls for clear skies and a low of 63˚F (17˚C). The air quality index is 48 or Good.

Yep. That’s my laptop. The lighting was bad and I was in a hurry to snap a photo, so this is not a good photo.

My new Lenovo IdeaPad S340 laptop arrived late yesterday afternoon, so I charged the battery and downloaded Norton Lifelock 360 antivirus and Internet security software. Best Buy tried to get me to add a different company’s product when I ordered my new laptop, but I did not click on that option because I already have Norton and I had – until yesterday –  used only one of the 10  licenses I own.

There’s no way on Earth that I am going to use an Internet-connected computer without antivirus or Internet security protection, so my first priority – after charging the battery, natch – was to make sure I added Norton to my new laptop. That took a while because every time I get a new computer – which is probably every 5-10 years, depending on the make and circumstances at the time – I need time to get used to its keyboard, its features, and its operating system.

And because Lenovo and Microsoft Edge are security conscious, I had to download Norton via the Edge browser because the computer is set on a mode that only lets you use Edge and only edge. (I tried downloading Chrome, but my laptop sternly said that I had to get out of that security-conscious mode before I downloaded anything not available through the Microsoft Store. I was tired and just wanted my Norton Security stuff downloaded and installed, so I didn’t change that setting at that moment.

Another view of my old neighborhood. This is what we called the “small pool,” and it was added – as an afterthought – in the early 1980s to ease congestion at the condo’s Main Pool. Photo by the author.

I also downloaded Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music, two apps that are absolutely necessary to have on a computer with no DVD-ROM drive. I like listening to music when I write, so if I can’t pop in a CD into the DVD-ROM drive, I can’t play any music on the new computer unless I listen to stuff on YouTube or use an app like Pandora or Spotify. I already pay $7.99 a month for Amazon Music, so I went with that app.

Same goes for movies or TV shows. I can watch any of the 238 DVDs I have in my collection on my desktop PC because it has a DVD-ROM drive. But if I want to watch a movie on the new laptop, I need an app to watch any of the movies or TV shows that I have digital copies of in Movies Anywhere. I have Amazon Prime Video, so…..  

Photo Credit: Lenovo via Best Buy.

And, Dear Reader, that’s all I did with my new laptop last evening. I haven’t synched it to my Steam account yet, so I can’t play games on it, and I’m too tired- mentally and physically – to see if I can write something on  Word using my Lenovo IdeaPad, either with a wireless mouse or the trackpad/touchscreen.  And I still have not tried to access WordPress from the new computer, so…..

Well, that’s all the news I have to share with you for now, so I’ll close this up and bid you a fond “see you later.” Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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