Musings & Thoughts for Sunday, June 27, 2021, or: Under the Weather….

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Hi there, Dear Reader. It’s late morning on Sunday, June 27, 2021, and it is hot and cloudy here in New Hometown, Florida. Currently, the temperature is 85˚F (30˚C)  under mostly cloudy skies. With humidity at 57% and the wind blowing at 11 MPH (18 KM/H) from the east-southeast, the heat index is 92˚F (33˚C). Today’s forecast is typical for Florida in the summer: scattered rain showers are expected, and the high will be 90˚F (32˚C). Tonight, the skies will be partly cloudy. The low will be 73˚F (23˚C).

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I’ve been up since 4:30 AM due to the icky symptoms of a summer cold. I started feeling under the weather late Friday night; I had a dull – but manageable – headache and my nose started running as though someone had turned on a spigot of mucus. I haven’t had too many sneezing fits, and thankfully I don’t have congested lungs or anything worrisome. I also don’t seem to have a fever, but my sinuses are congested and, like I said earlier, my nose is – ugh – running as if there was no tomorrow.

My two Indiana Jones Blu-ray sets. The 2021 4K UHD set is on the left, the 2012 HD Blu-ray set is on the right. (Photo by the author)

Last night I tried watching my 4K Blu-ray of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I couldn’t give it the attention it deserves because (a) my nose was running a lot and I had to blow my nose and wipe the slimy snot off my mustache all the time, and (b) the batteries in the smoke detector died twice in one day, which was unpleasant because smoke alarms are designed to warn you that the battery needs to be replaced by emitting a loud “Beep!” every minute until someone takes the damn thing down from the ceiling and puts in a new battery.

Not only did The Caregiver take her sweet time to get up from the couch where she was watching CNN with her boyfriend and swap the old battery with a supposedly new one, but she had to repeat the process later in the afternoon when the replacement battery also died.

I wasn’t watching Temple of Doom when the smoke alarm started beeping again; I was eating dinner out in the kitchenette. But I was so annoyed by the double-whammy of a summer cold and the beeping from the smoke alarm that I just could not focus on the movie.

I am taking cold-and=flu medicine per the dosage indicated on the bottle, and I have been drinking liquids to keep hydrated. I don’t feel like making instant grits, instant oatmeal, or any of the few things I can prepare on my own, so I still have not had breakfast. Maybe later, though.

As for the rest of this hot, gray, and totally dreadful Sunday, I have no plans in mind. I could try to watch Temple of Doom again; I spent well over $80 for that Indiana Jones: 4-Movie Collection so I could enjoy them on my 4K UHD television, so naturally I want to enjoy them.

But the truth, Dear Reader, is that I don’t feel all that good. I don’t feel like I’m at death’s doorway, but I am definitely under the weather and don’t have the ability to focus on much of anything.

And, on that note, I think I’ll close so I can post this on A Certain Point of View, Too. So take care, Dear Reader, stay safe and healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.  

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    1. Truer words have never been spoken! I feel downright miserable; It feels as though my sinuses have all the traffic in New York City stuck in ’em! And my eyes are watery…..

      On the bright side, I’m still kicking….

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