Musings & Thoughts for Sunday, June 12, 2022, or: Another ‘Wet Season’ Sunday in Florida

Hi, there, Dear Reader. It is late morning here in Lithia, Florida, on Sunday, June 12, 2022. It is another typical “wet season” day in the Tampa Bay area. Currently, the temperature is 83°F (28°C) under light rain. With humidity at 84% and the wind blowing from the southwest at 10 MPH (16 KM/H), the feels-like temperature is 90°F (32°C). Today’s forecast calls for – you guessed it – thunderstorms to pass through the area. The high will be 89°F (32°C). Tonight, skies will be partly cloudy, and the low will be 74°F (23°C).

It is, as I write this, twilight-dark in my room. Some light is making its way through the closed Venetian blinds and curtains, but it’s gotten so dark over the past few minutes that I had to get up and turn on my lamp so I can see what I am doing at my desk. Until I did that, my room was all gray and dark shadows – and the fact that my IKEA shelves and media “towers” are black doesn’t help matters any.

I’ve never liked the “wet season,” even though it is just a part of Florida life, like hurricanes, alligators, mosquitoes, and rude, insensitive drivers. I dislike thunderstorms most of all and do not find them “awesome” or “interesting.” I’ve lost one television set and one personal computer to errant lightning strikes, and I do not want to lose another electronic device to one of those capricious, dangerous, and even lethal bolts out of the sky. That’s why, even if people think I’m overly cautious or even exaggeratedly lightning-cautious, I don’t use electronics that are connected to a power socket inside a house during a thunderstorm.

Normally, I don’t mind rainy days when the forecast calls for garden-variety rain showers that will come and go unaccompanied by lightning or thunder. On days like that, I can still use my computer to write – as I am doing now – or watch stuff on TV or listen to some of my classical music CDs while reading a good book.

And that’s sort of what this Sunday is like here in Lithia – it’s not storming yet, and the rain squalls come and go. If the weather does not deteriorate too much – and despite what forecasts say, sometimes those thunderstorms don’t materialize, or when they do, they do it in other parts of the county – I might have a reasonably pleasant Sunday.

(Not as pleasant as one rainy afternoon in Miami that I spent with my next-to-last ex-girlfriend at her place 12 years ago, mind you, but still, better than other gloomy, wet, gray days which were so dark and miserable that you’d think the world was ending in a deluge out of Genesis.)

If the thunderstorms don’t “pass through the area” and stay far, far away from the Fish Hawk area, I might watch a movie from my TBW list, or maybe I’ll take a book and read it out in the living room, where the couch is more comfortable, and the lighting is a tad better than where I am now.

Here’s hoping that your weather is better than mine!

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