Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, June 18, 2022, 0r: A Short Post on a Stormy Florida Afternoon

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Hi, there, Dear Reader!

Today’s blog post will be shorter than usual. I briefly considered reviewing either a book or the 1997 George Clooney-Nicole Kidman political action-thriller The Peacemaker, but I dismissed that as soon as I sat down at my desk and opened Word to start this post. It seemed like a promising idea when I woke up around 7 AM, but six hours later, my enthusiasm for writing a review waned.

I’ll let Farron Cousins do the “Big Idea” thing today.

I also don’t have any Big Ideas I want to write about today; yesterday’s post about the weather, climate change, and myopic, jingoistic American conservatism took me a long time to write, and I think I need to try and be more physically active and not spent all day at my desk. I can’t go out today; it’s beastly hot out there, rain squalls are coming and going, But I do have free run of most of the house, so I don’t necessarily have to remain “confined to quarters,” if you get my drift.

I do need to take a shower and change into clean clothes when the storms “go to bed,” so maybe once I am “out there” I will stay out of my room and away from my desk.

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Today I received an email from Amazon; my copy of Fire & Steel: The End of World War Two in the West shipped last night and is on its way to Florida from Maryland. Per Amazon, it is due to arrive on Monday, but I have often received packages before their estimated arrival dates. (Of course, with some pre-orders of Blu-rays, I have not been as fortunate, but that is still the exception and not the norm.)

Well, other than that, I don’t have much to tell. I watched the fifth episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the family room TV set last night; I had watched it on Thursday night in my room, but since we have a Roku on the larger, home theater-connected set in the family room that adds subtitles to Disney+ content, I was able to understand the story way better than the first time I’d watched.

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It’s getting dark, rainy, and I hear thunder off in the distance, so I will close for now. Until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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