Musings & Thoughts for Thursday, August 11, 2022, or: Ushering Out the Dog Days of Summer with Thunderstorms and Sexy Movies*

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  • Technically, one sexy movie.

Well, today, August 11, 2022, is the last of the so-called Dog Days of Summer, which this year began on July 3. These are usually the hottest days of the year throughout the Northern Hemisphere, although here in Florida (and the subtropical zone in general) we still have to go through the peak months of the Atlantic hurricane season, which usually occurs between late August till late September.

As I write this, the skies are overcast and it’s hot and humid outside. My computer’s weather app tells me that the temperature at the nearest recording station is 86°F (30°C), but with humidity in the air and a south-southeasterly breeze blowing at 6 MPH (9 Km/H), the heat index is 95°F (33°C). And there’s a huge mass of thunderstorms moving toward the Tampa Bay area from the Gulf of Mexico, so there’s a good probability that we will see (and hear) some thunderstorm activity in the Fish Hawk area this afternoon.

That green blotch of rain and storms off shore sure looks ominous!

I was hoping that we’d get lucky and have a storm-free afternoon. I’m getting a bit restless and planned to go out for a walk – my first one since the cooler months of December, January, February, and March – in the early evening. However, from what I can see on my Weather app’s radar screen – a feature that would have impressed my nine-year-old self back in 1972 – it looks like that mass of rain clouds and thunderstorm cells will be here between 3 and 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time and probably won’t clear out till 6 or 7 PM.

(C) 1971 Cannon Films

So, not only will I have to stay indoors and avoid using my computer or television set, but if the weather is bad enough to affect traffic, my Amazon Prime package with my “dirty movie” – Maid in Sweden – will probably be delivered in the late evening hours. I can cope with that eventuality as I will watch the movie after dinner, but I am less happy about not being able to use my computer while thunderstorms are nearby. I am a firm believer in lightning safety, of course, and staying away from plugged-in electronics is something I do automatically these days. I don’t enjoy it, just as I don’t enjoy wearing a mask when I’m in a public place. But it’s necessary to prevent both the loss of an expensive but essential item and personal injury due to lightning strikes.

(C) 2022 Kino Lorber/Code Red Maid in Sweden (C) 1971 Cannon Films

As for Maid in Sweden? Amazon’s tracking data indicates that my package with the Kino Lorber/Code Red Blu-ray with the 1971 erotic coming-of-age movie was Out for Delivery at 11:24 AM and is scheduled to arrive between 1:15 PM and 5 PM. Amazon almost always adds an animated Google Map with the current location of its delivery vehicle before it gets to a customer’s location, but only if the driver is within a certain distance of the package’s final destination. The delivery windows are based on variables such as the number of stops, traffic conditions, and – of course – the weather. I’m hoping that the weather doesn’t deteriorate too quickly – although the light from my window has dimmed somewhat since I started writing this post – and that “my” delivery driver doesn’t get caught in heavy traffic or a torrential downpour.

A fan tribute to Christina Lindberg.

Well, at least tonight I’ll have a chance to see if Christina Lindberg – who, by the way, never did hardcore porn and retired from the film industry when she saw that the last movie she had agreed to do was heading in that direction – was as gorgeous as she is reputed to have been in 1971. She started out as a model in Sweden and bared all for various European and U.S. men’s magazines before she made her film debut in Maid in Sweden, but even though she bared all on-screen in several sexploitation films when she was in her early 20s, she had her limits, so thankfully Maid in Sweden is erotic but not pornographic.

Interestingly, Lindberg later became a journalist, and at 71 she is still writing and reporting in Sweden.

Ah, well. Rainy day, online shopping, and sexy Swedish women. What a way to usher out the Dog Days of Summer ’22.

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