Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, August 13, 2022, or: Killing Time (or Trying to, Anyway) on a Hot Florida Afternoon

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Hi, Dear Reader! It’s early afternoon on another scorching late summer day in the Tampa Bay area (there really aren’t any non-scorching days in my home state of Florida in August unless it’s unusually rainy or a tropical storm/hurricane passes through during the daytime hours and the cloud cover hides the sun for long hours at a time). It’s hot (88°F/31°C, with a heat index of 99°F/37°C), humid, and mostly sunny, which means that I will stay indoors today – as usual – because I don’t have the same tolerance to hot temperatures that I once had.[1]

My copy of “Fire & Steel” I could go to the living room and read at least a chapter or two there, but I can’t decide…. (Photo by the author)

As has become all too common in my post-breakup life here in Lithia, I don’t have any plans for today beyond choosing to stay in my room gaming or watching something on my 36-inch 4K UHD TV (which has awesome video but not-so-great audio since it’s not connected to the soundbar that is attached to my bedroom wall and was hooked up to an older HD set I’d brought from Miami in 2016), or going out to the family room and sit on the leather couch and watch something out there instead. Or do I go to the living room and read a book there for a while?

I do know that if I choose to watch something out in the family (or Florida) room, it won’t be Maid in Sweden.

(C) 2022 Kino Lorber/Code Red Maid in Sweden (C) 1971 Cannon Group/Metro Goldwyn Mayer ‘Maid in Sweden’ (C) 1971 Cannon Films

It’s not a porno movie, despite its story of a 16-year-old Swedish country girl (Christina Lindberg) who visits her older – and uninhibited – older sister and her live-in boyfriend in Stockholm and, in a series of events, loses her virginity and discovers the joys (and travails) of sex. Were it not for the number of nude scenes in this Swedish-American film, Maid in Sweden has the sensibilities and plot of a typical 1970s TV movie about young love.

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However, my former girlfriend and current housemate is somewhat resistant to movies that have a lot of erotic content; she claims that her late ex-husband was addicted to porn and even tried to make his own homemade sex tapes with her, so if those stories are true – and I’m inclined to believe her, at least on this topic – she is justified in her distaste for adult movies.

Accordingly, out of respect for my friend/landlady/caregiver, I won’t watch Maid in Sweden on the bigger TV out in the family room. (I also would not watch Lawrence Kasdan’s 1981 noirish Body Heat, which has a better story with a stronger cast but also has steamy scenes out there unless I was alone in the house, which sometimes happens.)

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I also know that even though some Jurassic Park/Jurassic World fans have already received their pre-orders of the Jurassic World: Dominion Blu-ray before the official street date of Tuesday, August 16, I will not be among them. My pre-orders for August 16 releases (I have three) are still listed on my Amazon Orders queue as Not Yet Shipped, so I am glad I did not plan to watch Colin Trevorrow’s Dominion this weekend (unless I purchased the digital release separately, and that I will not do).

The park near the house where I live, (Photo by the author)

If it wasn’t so damn hot outside, I’d grab a book and sit outside on the front porch or go to the nearby park. Sadly, not only is the temperature unappealing, but the forecast for today also says we might get light rain this afternoon. If I go to the park just for a walk, sure, I will not mind getting a bit wet. But I take care of my books a lot better than I did when I was a kid, and I don’t want to risk damaging one if I get caught in the rain and must head back home with raindrops falling on my head.

Ah, life seemed simpler when we were kids, no?

[1] See yesterday’s post, Tempus Fugit – Summer of 1972 Edition, or: Sizzling Florida Weather Brings Back Memories – and Comparisons – of Summertime in South Florida for a fuller discussion about how I coped with summer weather when I was nine years old.

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