Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, August 27, 2022, or: A Quick Weekend Update from Hot, Muggy, and Rainy Florida

A rare shot of my neighborhood as seen from our front yard. (That house is across the street from ours.) Photo by the author

It’s early afternoon on another hot, rainy Saturday in August 2022, and once again I am off to a late start with this, the 988th post in A Certain Point of View, Too. Usually, by 2 PM (Lithia, Florida, time) I am either done writing my (Tempus Fugit, Old Gamers Never Die, review, or “blog post about my so-called life”) or at least neared the “ready to publish” mark. But even though I woke up early – 6:22 AM Eastern – I am only now clear-headed (or at least not foggy-brained) enough to tap on my keyboard and attempt to write with what my college journalism professor called “unity and coherence.”

Combat in Regiments can – and often does – result in cataclysmic explosions and deadly crossfire. Game design (C) 2022 MicroProse and Bird’s Eye Games
A look at an earlier Operation (Dissonance), which opens the Campaign in the new wargame Regiments. (C) 2022 MicroProse and Bird’s Eye Games

My Friday night was, like most Friday nights since the summer of 2020, uneventful, to put it mildly. In my younger days I would have said, “Last night was boring,” but even though I spent it in my room with only Sandy the Wonder Schnauzer to talk to, I entertained myself by starting Reaction, the second Operation in MicroProse/Bird’s Eye Games’ new real-time tactics game Regiments. I didn’t earn the reputation of being my generation’s Erwin Rommel or Heinz Guderian, but I captured one of the scenario’s main objectives and gave the East German Opposing Force (OPFOR) a bloody nose, so in that respect, I had a reasonably good time.

In this screenshot from Reaction, a tank platoon and a mechanized infantry platoon of West Germany’s 14th Panzer Regiment stop the advance of an East German motor rifle platoon equipped with BTR-70 wheeled APCs and anti-tank guided missiles. (C) 2022 MicroProse and Bird’s Eye Games

After I wrote a blog post about that activity and posted it here late last night, I watched an episode of a Netflix documentary about World War II – the topic was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor – until I got sleepy and turned the television in my room off. I then laid my head on my pillow, pulled the comforter over me, and I promptly fell into blessed, restful sleep.

I was going to play the second Phase of Reaction in Regiments as soon as I publish this post, but the weather is deteriorating – it’s hot, muggy, and raining off and on in Fish Hawk Ranch, and it looks like thunderstorms will pass through the area, so I will hold off on that till later in the evening. I’ve already lost one TV (in 1974) and one computer (2004) to errant lightning strikes; I don’t want to lose this one, which is still so new that I’m not done paying for the credit card bill.

Photo by the author.

I’ll probably shuffle off to the living room with a book in hand and read for a while since TV watching and/or gaming are out of the question now. I have quite a few books on my To Be Read (TBR) stack, so today seems like the perfect day to read a few chapters from one of them. (The most likely title? Fire & Steel, by Peter Caddick-Adams.)

Well, I better go before those boomers get closer to Lithia and send lightning bolts my way. So, until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the less rainy side of things.  

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