Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, September 10, 2022, or: Once Again Under the Shadows of the Mighty Cumulonimbus Clouds

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Hi, there, Dear Reader.

This is going to be one long, storm-filled afternoon. The radar image from my Weather app at 12:30 PM, which is when I started writing this post. Rain Coming indeed.

Well, it’s another dark, gloomy-looking, rainy, and eventually stormy day here in Lithia, Florida on Saturday, September 10, 2022. It has been raining off and on since I woke up around 7:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and now it is so dark in my room that I had to turn on my bedside lamp. Apparently, a strong line of storms is making its way across the central part of Florida from the Gulf of Mexico, and as I wrote in yesterday’s post, Hillsborough County is under a flood alert until 4 AM tomorrow.

The skies don’t look all that friendly here in Lithia.

Since a line of thunderstorms is making its presence felt – it’s almost nighttime dark in my room, and the view from the Florida room’s sliding glass door is one of the grey-black clouds and strong breezes stirring up the vegetation out in the backyard – I must make this a brief post.

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For those of you who are following the continuing saga of my Amazon order of Star Trek – The Original Motion Picture 6-Movie Collection (a 15-disc set that includes all six of Paramount Pictures’ 1979-1991 Star Trek theatrical films starring the cast from Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969).

(C) 2022 Paramount Pictures/Paramount Home Media Distribution

Star Trek – The Original Motion Picture 6-Movie Collection is a 15-disc set (seven 4K UHD discs, including the brand-new release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition, which presumably is presented in a separate 4K UHD disc from the original theatrical version, and eight 2K HD discs, which also includes a separate Blu-ray for The Director’s Edition of the first Star Trek film, as well as a bonus disc with extras).

Obviously, the discs of the first four features are the same ones Paramount released last September both to commemorate Star Trek’s 55th (Emerald) Anniversary and to gauge consumer interest in the newly-released Star Trek – The Original Motion Picture 6-Movie Collection, so I am not expecting any surprises from the reissued discs.

This version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the main reason why I ordered the 6-movie box set. (C) 2022 Paramount Home Media Distribution

I am looking forward to watching The Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which is making its HD (and UHD) debut 21 years after Paramount released the standard definition-only DVD in its first of 10 Special Collector’s Edition two-disc sets. A passion project for the late director Robert Wise (who is perhaps best known as the co-director of West Side Story’s first film adaptation, as well as the sole director of such diverse films as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Run Silent, Run Deep, The Sound of Music, and The Sand Pebbles), Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition features a few judicious edits that address some of the movie’s problematic pacing issues, as well as a few special effects sequences that were restored/reimagined by a team led by Daren Dochterman and David C. Fein using CGI effects that were designed to blend in with the 1979 film’s original miniature effects.

I don’t have a lot of time to get into why The Director’s Edition didn’t get a Blu-ray release in either 2K or 4K resolution until 2022; the short version is that the 2001 DVD’s effects were done in standard definition, and for some reason – financial, I am willing to bet – Paramount bided its time until the suits decided they wanted to add The Director’s Edition as an offering on the Paramount+ streamer.

Anyway, my box set arrived in Jacksonville, Florida before dawn on Thursday, September 8, and left for Lakeland – which is just 19 miles away from Lithia – at 3:15 AM today. The last scan of my package shows it arrived at a UPS facility in Lakeland at 9 AM.

Even though the box with my Star Trek movies is tantalizingly near, UPS and Amazon still have a Wednesday, September 14 delivery estimate. I assume that this is because at some point in the process UPS will transfer custody of my package to the U.S. Postal Service, either in Lakeland or at the Post Office in Lithia for “last mile delivery.” There is no other logical explanation for such a long delay between Star Trek – The Original Motion Picture 6-Movie Collection’s arrival in Lakeland this morning and a scheduled delivery on Wednesday.

Hey, but at least I know my long-awaited box set is in the same state as I am.

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