Musings & Thoughts for Tuesday, October 4, 2022, or: Another Sleepless Night in Florida…and a Cornucopia from Amazon

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Hi there, Dear Reader. It’s another feels-like-autumn-in-Florida day here in Lithia, Florida on Tuesday, October 4, 2022. It’s sunny, it’s cool (74°F/24°C), and the forecast high will be 83°F/29°C, so it’s not going to be one of those “why does it still feel like high summer” days that we had last month.

My best after-action report yet. Game elements in this and other screenshots are (C) 2022 Bird’s Eye Games and MicroProse

This is going to be a brief entry in A Certain Point of View, Too. I stayed up too late last night; I started playing Regiments around 11 PM and, because I was so into it and also because I had to pause the game a few times so I could either take bathroom breaks or give orders to multiple units in a coherent way, the gaming session did not end till…2:45 AM.

The situation in mid-battle. My platoons in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment have captured Objective Zones Golf and Hotel, and a scout platoon is beginning the process of capturing Delta. Three other platoons are advancing and will soon occupy that OZ and accelerate its change of ownership. Later in the game, the Soviets would sally forth from Foxtrot, the OZ at far right, and also attempt to get past the blocking forces west and south of Alfa, but as you can see from the after-action report, the enemy Red Force failed to recapture any of the zones by the time the clock ran out and the game ended with a Blue Total Victory. (No “red wave” here, folks!)

I went to bed not long after that, but it took me a while to fall asleep, so I think I finally “went under” at 3 AM. Of course, I slept way past my usual wakeup time of between 6:30 and 7:30 AM; by the time I wandered blearily into the kitchenette to have my breakfast, my café con leche was cold. I still drank it without complaint, but I’ll have to supplement that with a bowl of Quaker Instant Oatmeal in a little while.

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Today I saw on my Amazon account that another of my pre-orders (the steelbook edition of Star Trek: Picard: Season Two)shipped out last night, along with the U.S. and the Holocaust and my Star Wars The Black Series Figrin D’an collectible figure. I was momentarily surprised; I had not forgotten that I’d ordered the Picard second season set, but I was under the impression that it wasn’t “dropping” this week.

Obviously, I was mistaken, and Amazon apparently had my Figrin D’an figure in stock at a Florida warehouse, because that order was originally scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Luckily, I have the money to pay for all these orders this month rather than in November, but I need to take it easy with buying things online. Ugh. I paid my month’s rent and I still have enough money for an emergency, but shopping-as-therapy (cos, let’s be honest here, that’s what this is) is an expensive way to cope with depression.

Anyway, this Amazon cornucopia is due to arrive today, and if there’s a consolation to all this, the silver linings in all this are:

  • I’ll finally have at least one action figure based on one of the seven Bith musicians seen in the cantina scene of the original Star Wars
  • I’ll have one new Star Trek TV series season set to watch, enjoy, and review
  • I’ll see Ken Burns’ latest documentary on Blu-ray, complete with subtitles and a few extras not seen on the recent PBS broadcast of The U.S. and the Holocaust
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Well, as you can imagine, I am tired and a bit annoyed with myself for buying so many things on Amazon, but mostly tired due to my poor choices of amusement last night. I suppose I’m trying too hard to find happiness in a situation mostly of my own making, and now I can only blame myself for being tired this morning.

I wish I felt as energetic and content as I was when this photo was taken in July.

I don’t know what I am going to do on this nice feels-like-fall-in-the-subtropics aside from posting this post on WordPress, taking a shower, getting into clean street clothes, and eating a bowl of instant oatmeal. I can’t promise that I will go for a walk, although I should. Nor can I swear that I will rest for the balance of this first Tuesday of October, although I need to. I do know that if I do decide to play Regiments soon, it will not be late at night!

In any event, I wish you, Dear Reader, all the best on this lovely autumn day – or what passes for autumn this far in the southern United States. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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2 thoughts on “Musings & Thoughts for Tuesday, October 4, 2022, or: Another Sleepless Night in Florida…and a Cornucopia from Amazon

  1. Been meaning to ask. Sounds like you weathered the storm ok? Family friends all ok? My niece got through fairly unscathed. Thinking good thoughts for you, Alex!


    1. Ian knocked out power in other parts of Hillsborough County, which means there was some instability in the grid here. There were a few momentary outages in my neighborhood where the power would blip off, and (since it was at night), I’d sit where I was and wonder (not without some dread), “Okay…power’s out…is it going to be out for hours, days, or weeks?” In most cases, the lights were back on within a minute or two, but there was one instance last Thursday when the outage lasted five minutes. It seemed like an eternity.

      The only relative I have in Florida is my estranged half-sister. I have not seen or spoken to her in over six years, and the one mutual acquaintance who sometimes gave me updates died in October of 2020, so I have no idea how she fared. As for friends, they’re mostly in Miami, although I also have a few high school classmates who live in or near Orlando. All of them are fine.


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