Elections 2022: The Ballot is in the Mail!

I did, indeed, vote by mail. Yesterday I filled in, signed, and dated my ballot; today I personally placed it in our curbside mailbox. (Photo by the author)

As I wrote in yesterday’s post( Elections 2022: I Voted Today to Save American Democracy…Will You Do the Same?), I spent part of my Sunday morning carefully filling in the bubbles on my mail-in ballot for next month’s elections.

It was, I admit, a bit overdue, and even though it wasn’t an “at the last minute” thing, I was keenly aware that I needed to vote and send my ballot to the Hillsborough County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections’ office no later than this week. Mail service here in Lithia – a small city in the Tampa Bay area – is good, but the U.S. Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is a wealthy Republican businessman and Donald Trump loyalist. In the runup to the 2020 elections, DeJoy attempted to tip the scales in favor of then-President Trump by removing mailboxes from some streets, decommissioning high-speed sorting machines, and putting in place rules that eliminated late deliveries and overtime pay for Postal Service employees.

Photo by Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios on Pexels.com

Naturally, DeJoy’s edicts caused disruptions to mail deliveries in the late summer and fall of 2020, which, in conjunction with the other myriad disorders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, added to the angst felt by all Americans, including Trump supporters who suddenly developed a hatred for a voting practice that has been around for a long time – absentee voting. And because of several investigations, including one by the Postal Service’s inspector general, DeJoy eventually relented, and the Postal Service has since reversed the Postmaster General’s disruptive directives.

Even though mail delivery here in Fish Hawk Ranch is good – I will, for instance, be getting my package with the expanded Jurassic Park soundtrack from La-La Land Records today – Trump and his Republican Party allies (including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis) are intent on winning this election, which includes mid-term Congressional races for the House of Representatives and the Senate), so this morning, after I had two cups of coffee, I took the envelope – signed and dated – with my ballot to the curbside mailbox and raised the “flag” telling the Postal Service worker who delivers our mail that there’s a piece of outgoing mail inside.

Assuming nothing goes wrong with my ballot, it should arrive at the Supervisor of Elections’ office by Wednesday or Thursday, with plenty of time to spare before Election Day, which falls on Tuesday, November 8.

Anyway, I did my bit to preserve American democracy; I now hope that others, including fence-sitting independents and sober-minded Republicans who are appalled by Trumpism and the shenanigans of Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Kevin McCarthy, and others, will vote against MAGA candidates, even if it means they’ll have to cross party lines and “vote Blue in ’22.”

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