Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, November 5, 2022, or: Weekend Update, Part One

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Weekend Update, Part One (Saturday, November 5, 2022)

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Midterm Anxiety

Hi, there, Dear Reader.

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Well, it’s early afternoon on Saturday, November 5, 2022. It’s the first weekend of the month, and the last one before the all-important midterm elections that, for good or ill, will foreshadow the next major election two years from now.

I live in a purple area (Democratic-led metro area, Republican Congressional district) of the deeply-red state of Florida, so even though I live in a county with a Democratic majority, I am not confident that all of the candidates I back (all Democrats) will win on Tuesday. I did vote by mail, and I did track my ballot (which was received by the Elections Department late last week and counted without any issues), so if Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, and Vern Buchanan win on November 8, you can’t blame me. I did my bit for my community, state, and country; I just hope many of my fellow “blue” voters do theirs and show up at the polls or mailed their ballots before the deadline.

Friday Night at the Movies – Lithia Edition

So many titles…so much indecision! (Phpto by the author)

Last night I managed to watch a movie from start to finish for the first time in a while. I had the urge to watch Byron Haskin’s 1953 The War of the Worlds, which I own in two Blu-ray formats – the high definition “2K” remastered version from Criterion, and the 2022 4K UHD Paramount Home Media Distribution reissue that comes in the George Pal double feature set that includes the earlier When Worlds Collide.

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I chose to watch the 4K version because as good as the Criterion disc is, it does not have an option for subtitles, while the more recent UHD disc does.  Among my other issues with health, I am (and have been since childhood) hard of hearing, so for me subtitles are a must-have feature on home media releases. Otherwise, I’d have to raise the volume on my TV set (which still has not been connected to the small soundbar that was connected to the previous HDTV set I had in my room till 2020).

Promotional image of Paramount Presents’ George Pal Double Feature set. (C) 2022 Paramount Home Media Distribution

As I wrote in my recent post about the always-aspirational To Be Watched (TBW) list, I tend to choose my movies based on my mood at the time I pick a title. The War of the Worlds was not on my latest TBW list, and neither was the 2005 remake by Steven Spielberg, but apparently, I had a yen to watch it – I did buy it in late September so I could watch The War of the Worlds with subtitles (the 4K UHD thing was purely secondary this time around) – so, that’s what I ended up seeing.

I did get drowsy a few times and almost turned the TV and Blu-ray player off, but The War of the Worlds is only 85 minutes long, so I managed to stir myself from the sleepiness and made it to the end without missing much.

Live, From the Tampa Bay Area, It’s Saturday….Afternoon!

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As for what is left of today….

I don’t make plans for weekends now that I’m single and don’t have anyone to make plans with, but I think I’ll get out of my room for a while as soon as I finish this post. I do have books I want to read, especially Hell to Pay, one of several books about Operation Downfall, the U.S. plan for the (mercifully) canceled invasion of Japan in 1945 and 1946. So, I might read out in the family room or on the living room sofa.

I can also go watch Disney+ out on the family room set; I not only prefer that TV because it’s bigger and connected to a home theater sound system, but it is also connected to a Roku device, and that gives me the subtitles that my Disney+ account does not. I need to catch up with Andor, for one thing; Lucasfilm added at least one new episode since I last watched that Star Wars “streamer,” so that’s “must-watch TV” for me.

The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning. (C) 2022 Bird’s Eye Games and MicroProse

I might also play a round of Regiments or another one of my computer games later. But for the moment, getting out of my room and away from my desk are on my agenda for this first Saturday in November.

Well, I’m burning daylight, so I’ll close this post here. Until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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