Musings & Thoughts for Friday, November 11, 2022, or: Super-Long Weekend Update, Veteran’s Day Edition, Part One

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Adieu Nicole!

It’s been a day since Tropical Storm Nicole visited the state of Florida, and even though it is off to the north-northwest, where it is now a problem for Georgia and the Carolinas, the outer bands are so huge that we here in Lithia are under cloudy skies and the occasional bursts of off-and-on rain showers.

Nicole merged into other weather systems to the north, so the storm can’t easily be identified.

As I write this, it’s early afternoon and warmer than it was yesterday at this same time; the temperature is 79°F/26°C under cloudy conditions. I’ve seen brief periods where the sun comes out for a short period, then a rain shower will pop by, and the sun goes behind a veil of gray clouds, and everything is lit in a depressingly cold grey hue.

About Last Night

I snapped this admittedly not-so-great photo of slices from another order from Pizza Hut. No. Detroit-style pizza does not look like this. The whole thing is a rectangle, and the slices are square.

Since Nicole did not do much damage to Hillsborough County and passed through the area at a fast clip, Outback Steakhouse and Pizza Hut were open and making deliveries. No one bothered to cook dinner – except for themselves – and (as I’ve pointed out so many times when I discuss this topic) I can’t cook on a gas stove, so I had to order from either of those two places.[1]

I briefly considered ordering from Outback, but even though the menu is more varied and has steaks, ribs, and chicken, it’s also the more expensive of the two restaurants, so I ordered a Detroit-style pizza – a Double Pepperoni one at that – but with no sides such as breaded boneless chicken wings, fried mozzarella cheese sticks, or even breadsticks. The pizza by itself was “only” $12.99, but with tip, delivery fee, and Florida state and county sales taxes, I ended up paying $22.99.

In my previous life, ordering pizza from Pizza Hut was a thing, of course. But during the eight or so months that I lived mostly alone, I did not do it regularly. I knew how to cook, had the desire to cook, and had the right tools for me to do the job – an electric range, a small Crock Pot that I bought the year before Mom died, and a toaster oven (the oven range we had in Miami “died” in the late 1990s and Mom did not want to deal with calling the Sears Repair Services people; they do good work with Kenmore stuff, but they also charge a lot for fixing things).

Here, though, I have to order food – whether I want to or not – because even though I can use the oven with no problem whatsoever, I can’t use the stove. And because the folks who do the food shopping here don’t always honor my requests, even if they’re in writing, for frozen foods that I can heat in the oven, it’s either order out or go to bed without dinner.

So, for the privilege of eating dinner last night and possibly tonight as well – I obviously did not eat an entire Detroit-style pizza on my own – I had to shell out $22.99…for a single pizza.  

One of the things that keep me coming back to Regiments is the detailed graphics. Sure, I think that the game is not 100% accurate; these guys are too bunched up and make a juicy target for enemy indirect fire, but Bird’s Eye Studios is a small outfit and it has to sacrifice accuracy for playability. Game design elements (C) 2022 Bird’s Eye Studios & MicroProse

Aside from that, I did not do anything different from what I normally do at night. I read bits of Code-Name Downfall; played Regiments for a while; thought about watching the first “inning” of Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns but changed my mind even as I was putting the disc on the Blu-ray player tray;[2] and I ordered a Christmas gift for The Caregiver, albeit with little enthusiasm this time around.

The Agenda for Today

(C) 1977, 2008 MGM-United Artists

Currently, I have the house all to myself – well, Sandy the schnauzer is here as well, but the other humans are gone for the day – so I think I’ll watch a military-themed movie or documentary out on the big TV in the Florida room. It’s one of those “traditions” I follow on Veteran’s Day (Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other countries), and since I don’t feel like being in my room all day, that seems more appealing than just sticking to my daily routine.

Again, for the record, this is not me. Photo by cottonbro studio on

Before I do that, though, I should take my shower, shave, and change into comfortable street clothes. I could just stay in my PJs, but I still need to shave – which is something I did not have to do regularly when I had my beard – and get rid of the stubble on my face.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid…on Tuesday

(C) 1942, 2022 Warner Bros. 4K UHD packaging (C) 2022 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment/Studio Distribution Services

On the good-news front, Amazon finally notified me that my 80th Anniversary Edition of Casablanca – in glorious 4K UHD! – is on its way to Lithia. At 10:49 AM, the e-retailer emailed me this update:

Hi Alex, your package is arriving earlier than we previously expected. It’s now arriving:

Wednesday, November 16

Previously expected:

Thursday, November 17

Amazon chose to send it via my least favorite shipper – UPS SurePost – but since the package was sent from Temple Terrace (in Hillsborough County) on a weird roundabout fashion to Orlando (which is east of Lithia), it will arrive – per UPS’ own communication on the topic – on Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

Why Amazon chose this shipper rather than use its own Amazon Prime delivery service, I have no clue. And why UPS chooses to send it to Orlando from Temple Terrace makes zero sense.

Whatever. At least I’ll get my 4K UHD of Casablanca this week for sure.

I do have to go take my shower and shave, so I will close for now. Until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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[1] I really wanted to order something from Denny’s, but even though that restaurant offers delivery services in other cities, the one closest to Lithia/Fish Hawk Ranches does not.

[2] I do this more frequently than anyone imagines.

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