Hello, There…

…and welcome to A Certain Point of View, Too, my new WordPress blog.

I created this blog out of necessity; apparently, someone on Facebook took issue with a post from my original Blogger blog, A Certain Point of View and reported me as a spammer. Consequently, since March 26, Facebook has been removing my posts and blocking my blog’s domain so I can’t post any new entries on “the Social Network.”

Whilst this does not “kill” my blog outright – A Certain Point of View still got 205 hits today (so far), the block on Facebook does deprive me of a large audience. I estimate that visits to my blog have been cut by 50% despite my blog’s longevity and established worldwide audience. That, my friends, is quite a substantial loss of readers and ad revenue.

So, after mulling over my options, I decided to purchase a premium WordPress account for $96 a year, complete with my own domain, in order to get around this unfair block. I wasn’t “spamming” anyone; I was quite picky about where to share my blog. But I suppose some of my decidedly anti-Trump blog posts (or maybe some of my Star Wars reviews) pissed someone off so much that I had to be silenced.

And so, Dear Reader, here we are, in terra incognita on WordPress. It’s all new to me; I still haven’t figured out how to add YouTube videos to posts, for instance, much less monetize my blog.

But I’m a smart guy. I’ll figure it out. And you, Dear Reader, will get a kickass blog worth your while.

Oh, and to the coward who reported my blog to Facebook as “spam”: Screw you, dude, and the horse you rode in on.

Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss

This is the third and latest short film that I’ve either written or co-written with Juan Carlos Hernandez for his production company, Popcorn Sky Productions. It’s a comedy about a politically-divided family in New York City during the Trump era.

As Denise Longrie says in her review:

This amusing and enjoyable short depicts the fireworks that erupt when the Ronderos’ son Jerry (Anthony James Hernandez) comes home from college for a visit. Mom Veronica (“Ronnie”), played by Adria K. Woomer-Hernandez, lays down the law to her husband Guillermo (Juan Carlos Hernandez): no talking, not even whispering, about politics.

Although Juan was gracious enough to give me the sole writing credit for Ronnie, the truth is that much of the finished film was based on on-the-spot rewrites by the cast and crew in New York. I was asked to go to the Big Apple to be on hand, but I couldn’t afford the cost of an airline ticket plus a long extended stay at a hotel. So even though I was consulted, Juan, Adria, and Anthony had to rework the story and script to make Ronnie work well as a comedy with some serious commentary about the divisiveness in Trump-era America.

The film is 22 minutes long, but it’s a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. I think it’s both hilarious and relevant.

If you have not watched it yet, here it is, in all its YouTube glory.

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