Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘El Grande de Corona’

On November 17, 2020, my friend and frequent collaborator Juan Carlos Hernandez uploaded his latest comedy film, El Grande de Corona, to the Google-owned video platform YouTube. As Juan describes it, El Grande de Corona is a timely set of comedy sketches about the COVID-19 pandemic. Per the film’s description on YouTube, El Grande deContinue reading “Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘El Grande de Corona’”

I Write the Songs…Sorta. Or: Look, Ma, I Did a Parody!

So my friend Juan Carlos Hernandez, the actor-director-producer who gave me my first breaks as a bona fide screenwriter, texted me the other day to tell me about a project that he and his wife, actress-producer Adria K. Woomer-Hernandez, are currently working on. “We’re doing a musical comedy revue about the COVID-19 pandemic that weContinue reading “I Write the Songs…Sorta. Or: Look, Ma, I Did a Parody!”