Book Review: ‘The Lions of Leningrad’ (2022)

Title: The Lions of Leningrad (2022) Written by: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem Art by: Thomas Du Caju Translated by: Joseph Laredo Publisher: Dead Reckoning (an imprint of the Naval Institute Press) Reviewer’s Note:  I received a copy of The Lions of Leningrad from the publisher in exchange for an honest review of this compilation book, withContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Lions of Leningrad’ (2022)”

Book Review: ‘The Complete Maus’

On November 19, 1996, Pantheon Books published the hardcover edition of Art Spiegelman’s The Complete Maus, a 295-page omnibus edition that combines the two volumes of Spiegelman’s graphic novel, Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, with a related comic, Prisoner on the Hell Planet: A Case Story, included as a unifying element. Originally published in Raw –Continue reading “Book Review: ‘The Complete Maus’”