Musings & Thoughts for Thursday, November 24, 2022, or: Turkey Day, Keeping Up Appearances, and Weird Dreams*

“Wiseass,” the old man said with gruff wry amusement. “Third condition: It’s a one-way trip back to 1972. This isn’t like in that Stephen King story, ’11/22/63,’ where there’s a gateway back to 2022 that you can slip through whenever you want. This is a one-way trip back in time.”
“Well, that’s okay. There’s nothing for me here in ’22. Besides, I’ll get to be a “Star Wars’ fan for the first time, again.”
The old man frowned. “I thought you said you were going back to reconnect with your first love,” he said.
“Oh, I am,” I said. “But I like to think there are other bennies to this travel-back-in-time thing, y’know?”