Coming Soon to “A Certain Point of View, Too”

Coming soon to a galaxy near you….

Hello, there! Welcome to another edition of Bloggin’ On in A Certain Point of View, Too, my new WordPress blog, the best place in the blogsphere to get my latest reviews, essays, and political commentary.  I hope you are staying safe and healthy in these weird and troubled times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the world can get back to normal in the not-too-distant future.

I don’t have any reviews or essays ready for you today; I spent much of my morning playing Sid Meier’s Civilization IV in offline mode, and after I completed my game with a Space Victory, I spent about an hour writing a blog post about coping with COVID-19 for my original A Certain Point of View on Blogger. Consequently, I don’t have any reviews or news-based posts to share here today. I’m tired, for one thing, and I’m not quite sure if I want to spend another two hours at my desk writing a longish article.

Promotional photo of The Skywalker Saga 4K UHD/HD Blu-ray box set, a Best Buy exclusive. I got mine on Wednesday. (C) 2020 Best Buy, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL)

Rather, I’m going to give you some idea of what I have in store for this blog in the near-future, sort of like a Coming Attractions trailer at the movies.

So, without further ado, here’s what is coming soon to A Certain Point of View, Too:

  • 1917 movie review
  • Star Wars: The Black Series Sith Jet Trooper action figure review
  • Star Wars: Resistance Reborn book review
  • Star Wars toy & collectible review, TBD
  • Great Voices Sing John Denver Blu-ray review
  • The Skywalker Saga Best Buy exclusive 27-disc Collector’s Edition box set
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at A Simple Ad and Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss
Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss

I usually write my blogs in a “seat-of-the-pants” improvisational fashion, so I might not adhere strictly to this list, but this is all on my “to-do” list at the moment.

As James Garner used to say in those old 1970s Polaroid Camera commercials, “Let’s see what develops.”

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