‘Cold Waters’: Striving to Be a Good Sub Skipper!

(C) 2017 Killerfish Games

Hi, Constant Reader! It’s morning here in my little corner of Florida on Wednesday, July 8, 2020; it’s the middle of the regular work week, and so far it looks like it’s going to be a hot and even rainy day. Right now it’s hot outside; the official temperature is 89˚F (32˚C), but the heat index is 102˚F (39˚C). That is the forecast high for the day, too; it’s going to be mostly cloudy and humid out there.

I have been practicing some more with Killerfish Games’ Cold Waters this morning; over the past few days I have been doing most of the Training tutorials (I still haven’t done the Navigation and the Tactics & Damage missions, although I already figured out the basics of those concepts). In addition, I’ve already fought quite a few Quick Battles, which are single engagements that you can generate by choosing the region (North Atlantic or South China Sea), time of year, scenario (NATO vs. Soviets, U.S. vs. China) time of day, weather and sea conditions, and number of enemy ships and their “aggressiveness.”

(C) 2017 Killerfish Games

It’s a good thing that Cold Waters is a spiritual descendant of Red Storm Rising; the user interface is different, and the game graphics are vastly superior – nearly 30 years of developments in game design and computing power will do that – but the basic idea is the same. The hardest thing to unlearn from the 1988 game is that the mouse, not the keyboard, is king in Cold Waters, thus firing weapons and issuing helm – or diving – orders require mental retraining.

(C) 2017 Killerfish Games

But so far I have acquitted myself well. Today I destroyed a Soviet invasion force off the coast of Norway, even though by the time I finished the mission I had no Mk. 48 torpedoes and only two Harpoon missiles, and my sub had some minor hull damage from RBU-6000 anti-sub rockets.

Pity that Cold Waters doesn’t award medals for Quick Missions; that was a nice feature that Red Storm Rising had, and I liked that. Still, I have some awesome screenshots!

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