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I don’t know if I ever mentioned this outside my About the Author page, but once upon a time (from December of 2003 to February of 2014), I wrote reviews at the now-defunct consumer review-writing website Epinions.

I wrote over 1,000 reviews (I don’t recall how many now) across a wide spectrum of categories; Books, Magazines, Pets, Kids & Family, Electronics, Pets, Food & Restaurants, Music, and Movies & TV. If I owned, borrowed, or otherwise used a consumer product, I would review it, no matter what category it was in. (I even reviewed a few “adult” products that were listed in the vast Epinions catalog.)

However, because I got started in my training as a journalist as an entertainment beat writer for my high school’s student newspaper, I focused most of my efforts in three categories: Books, Movies & TV, and Music.

When I started blogging on Google’s Blogger platform a decade ago, I tried to stick to just writing reviews, but since I still had Epinions and a few other sites that are now also defunct (Associated Content/Yahoo Voices, Bubblews, Examiner, and even Britain’s Ciao) I didn’t post there (there being the original A Certain Point of View blog) as much as I have done since 2014.

Anyway, if you are a regular reader of A Certain Point of View, Too, you probably have noticed that I write reviews here as well, although I try to write all sorts of posts in different genres about other topics.

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Upcoming Reviews

I am not, by nature, a compulsive planner, especially when it comes to personal projects such as a blog. I tend to write posts based on what goes on around me – within reason – or what thoughts happen to cross my mind at any given time. The only times I like to impose a certain structure that involves advance planning is when I’m writing for somebody else, which I rarely do these days…except when I’m asked to come up with a screenplay for a short film.

Still, sometimes I do have the odd glimmer of foresight, at least when it comes to coming up with review ideas, And this week I have at least a general idea of what I’m going to review in A Certain Point of View, Too.

This week – maybe by Wednesday – I will be getting the Blu-ray home media edition of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Season Two via Amazon Prime delivery. (This month is when I must renew my annual subscription, so I already scheduled the $119 subscription payment to be sent to the credit card account that will be billed later this week.)

If you have not yet streamed Jack Ryan, you should, especially if you are, like me, a fan of both the late author’s Jack Ryan novels and of Fox’s 2001-2014 series 24. (Yes, I know that 24 ran for eight seasons between 2001 and 2011, but it also had a coda, 24: Live Another Day that aired in the summer of 2014 as a “limited run” series on Fox.)

John Krasinski, who is best known for his comedic role as Jim Palmer on the U.S. version of The Office, does a good job as the fifth actor to play Clancy’s stalwart CIA analyst. (The other four actors are, of course, Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine.) In this “reboot” of the Ryanverse, Krasinski plays John Patrick Ryan as a more-or-less new analyst who still learning how to navigate the intramural politics of the Agency while showing his superiors at Langley that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk, so to speak.

Even though he is playing Ryan as a young man (like Affleck and Pine do in The Sum of All Fears and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), Krasinski is on record as saying his biggest influence is Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Clancy’s best-known character.

I’ve binge-watched both Seasons One and Two when Amazon first released them on Amazon Prime Video, but I prefer to get series I like on disc because I can’t always be online and stream stuff on my computer. I already watched Season One and reviewed it on A Certain Point of View; I will have to re-review it here at a later date.

So, yeah. That’s certainly one review that I know I will be working on later in the week. Depending on when I get it, you can expect to see the write-up on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan; Season Two as early as Friday or as late as Saturday.

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While we are on the topic of Tom Clancy, I might also revisit the novel I consider to be my favorite of the ones he wrote before he died in October of 2013: Red Storm Rising.

Yes, I have reviewed it before, more notably in Epinions and my original A Certain Point of View blog. But since I have been playing the Red Storm Rising-inspired game Cold Waters since July, I think it’s time that I revisit Clancy’s 1986 best-selling novel about a conventional Third World War between the Soviet Union and the U.S.-led NATO alliance.

Since it has to be an all-new review – Google penalizes writers who create duplicate content in different websites or blogs, even if it’s their own content – I am going to have to pretend I am reviewing Red Storm Rising for the first time. This will be a bit difficult, but I think I can pull it off. We’ll see what develops, as the old commercials for Polaroid instant cameras used to say.

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Alex Diaz-Granados (1963- ) began writing movie reviews as a staff writer and Entertainment Editor for his high school newspaper in the early 1980s and was the Diversions editor for Miami-Dade Community College, South Campus' student newspaper for one semester. Using his experiences in those publications, Alex has been raving and ranting about the movies online since 2003 at various web sites, including Amazon, Ciao and Epinions. In addition to writing reviews, Alex has written or co-written three films ("A Simple Ad," "Clown 345," and "Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss") for actor-director Juan Carlos Hernandez. You can find his reviews and essays on his blogs, A Certain Point of View and A Certain Point of View, Too.

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You…This Blog, to Be Exact

  1. Our Epinions reviews are nowhere to be found on the web anymore, except maybe on the wayback machine. I think we’re pretty safe reposting them. I am starting to get search engine hits on mine.

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    1. Re our Epinions reviews: If I knew where my power cord for my old Compaq laptop was (one of the many frustrations of living in a house that is not 100% mine is that the person I live with has organized me so well that I don’t know where things are), I’d probably have 500 blog posts already up here.

      Thing is, though, that many of my Epinions reviews, including the one for “Red Storm Rising,” now exist on the sister blog on Blogger, so in my case, I can’t just copy them over here and not be penalized for duplicate content.

      As for the reviews on my laptop, if I ever access them, I would still need to revise them or even rewrite them to some degree or other. I want to avoid anachronistic references to things that were current in 2007 (for instance) but not appropriate for 2020. I would also have to fix typos, errors of fact, and clunky writing. I wasn’t a bad writer when we wrote for Epinions, but I also wasn’t as good as I could have (and should have) been.

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      1. Yeah, I had a bunch of ST:TNG reviews that I wrote leading up to Nemesis that I had to rewrite quite a bit. Some things I just put “Originally written (date)” on it because it was just entirely too much to rewite.

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      2. I already wrote a review of The Rise of Skywalker; I had planned to do it for my original blog, but since it got banned on Facebook, I decided to post it on WordPress instead. Which, of course, kinda makes writing Star Wars film reviews in any order that makes sense….problematic.


      3. Yes. In that sense I am lucky to get a completely clean slate to work from. I never completely started a new blog. Had a few false starts, but this is the only one that I’ve kept up with more than a few weeks. But the movie reviews for these 2 franchises I really need to revisit completely before writing them.

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