Even More Thoughts & Musings, Sunday, September 27, 2020

Some of my Star Wars The Black Series collectible action figures. Initially, I was not going to add Supreme Leader Snoke or Emperor Palpatine to the display, but there was too much “dead space” on that Ikea floating shelf. Photo Credit: LCH.

Hello again, Dear Reader. It’s now evening here in my corner of Florida as I begin this third post for Sunday, September 27, 2020. Outside, the sunlight is dimming; it’s 78˚F (26˚C) under partly sunny skies – though the light that is straining to pass through my blinds is grey and dim. Sunset is only one hour away (as I write this), and we are supposed to get some rain somewhere tonight. It’s also still quite summery here; humidity is at 66% and even though the feels-like temperature is 78˚F (26˚C), the air feels moist and heavy on the skin.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

Remember the leisure activities that I had planned to do? You know…like watching something on TV or reading a book? Didn’t do either of them. Nor did I fill out my absentee ballot; you need a pen with black ink to fill in the bubbles in the appropriate places, and all I have are pens with blue or purple ink. I know that the homeowner’s oldest son has a black ink pen, but he plays computer games all night (Fortnite is his go-to game as of late) and sleeps during the day, so I couldn’t ask him if I could borrow it. So I took matters in my own hands and ordered some from Amazon.

At my old house in Miami, all I had to do in a situation like this was to go next door and ask my next-door neighbor Nora if she had a black-ink pen. If she did, I’d borrow it, fill out and sign my ballot, then return the pen. If no black pen was available, then I’d walk one-third of a mile to the nearby shopping plaza and buy a bag of inexpensive BICs at Winn-Dixie or the Dollar Tree store.

Here, the distances between the house where I live and any store are vast, and even though I have been here a long time – 4 years and six months months, more or less – I still don’t know my way around here. So now any time I want something  outside the “edible food” or “stuff from Walgreen’s” categories that I need, I have to order it through Amazon.

So, yes. I ordered $6.00-worth of black ink pens.

That’s my big blow against the Trump 2020 Campaign. Well, that, two contributions to the Biden-Harris Campaign, and, eventually, my vote.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

As you might have noticed, this is my third post on A Certain Point of View, Too and my fourth blog post for this long, miserable, and depressing Sunday.  I also did my 1,355th post on the original A Certain Point of View over on Blogger.  I figured that I could mope around all day about how dire my situation is or be productive and write.

(Photo Credit: Hasbro. (C) 2018 Hasbro and Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL)

I was hoping to write a Star Wars collectibles review, and I looked on the Internet for a good photo of a 2018 Star Wars The Black Series: Archive reissue of a 2013 figure of Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing pilot’s gear. I probably should ask someone here to take a photo of my carded figure, which is still in close-to-mint condition, but Hasbro’s publicity photos are much better than the ones we could shoot with our smartphones. I eventually found and downloaded one that I like, but it was too late for me to write a review (those puppies take me hours to compose). So, I will put that review to one side until tomorrow.

I still might get around to reading a chapter or two from Peter Caddick-Adams’ Sand and Steel or watching something to take my mind off things. We’ll see how things develop.

Well, that’s all I can think of to say right now. I’m looking at my Star Wars 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack display stand and the 14 Star Wars The Black Series figures that my friend – the homeowner – placed on a floating shelf I ordered from Ikea back in early 2018 but was only installed this summer. Seeing that part of my Star Wars collection on display brings a little smile to my otherwise sad countenance. Gotta get whatever joys we can in this life. As one of those old 1970s motivational posters used to say, When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade.

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  1. Would be interested to read your collectibles review, as I don’t know anything about figurines, and am piqued by this whole new world that I could learn about. Love your photos and how you formatted the post too. Keep writing!

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    1. I have written quite a few reviews of Star Wars The Black Series 6-inch figures; you can find them in posts that have “Star Wars Collectibles and Toys Review” headers.

      Thanks for the kind words. I do try my best to come up with good material for readers.


  2. I filled mine out yesterday as soon as my pens arrived. I just took it out to the mailbox. The county election supervisor says we can track our ballots online; at the latest, mine should arrive at its destination eight days from now.


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