Musings & Thoughts for Monday, October 12, 2020: Columbus Day Edition

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Hello, there, Dear Reader. It’s early afternoon – 2:15 PM Eastern – as I start this, the second blog post of the day for A Certain Point of View, Too. It is Monday, October 12, 2020, and it is quite hot outside. Presently, the temperature is 85˚F (30˚C) under mostly sunny skies. With humidity at 66% and the wind blowing from the west-northwest at 10 MPH (16 KM/H), the “feels-like” temperature is 92˚F (33˚C). Not as hot as yesterday, though, so if I get a chance later, I’ll go out for another walk to get another dose of sunshine and fresh air.

I spent most of my morning writing a review of Star Trek: Picard. I think I started sometime after nine in the morning – I’m not too sure about that because I wasn’t paying attention to the computer’s clock when I sat down at my desk to work. It took me a long time to complete; I was trying to avoid putting too many “spoilers” in the review. I also had a tough time just with the basics of review-writing, such as deciding how much of Star Trek: Picard’s plot I should reveal, or if I should add lots of quotes from the show.

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Anyhow, I published TV Series/Blu-ray Set Review: ‘Star Trek: Picard – Season One’ just over two hours ago and shared it on several social media platforms. Hits-wise, the post is doing well, all things considered; if enough Star Trek fans on Facebook or Twitter read it, I think it will end up with at least 20 or 30 total pageviews.

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Other than that…not much is going on, at least nothing worth writing about. Last night I fell asleep while watching – or trying to watch, anyway – an episode of The First World War out in the Common Room. The last thing I remember doing last night was watching the start of Episode Two: Under the Eagle, and then…nothing. I must have awakened  not too long after I dozed off, at least long enough to eject the DVD from the player, turn off everything, and make my way to my room to sleep the fitful slumber of the dejected.

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Today I went ahead and ordered a replacement for my now-dead Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, which was only three years old but had a nickel metal hydride (NiMh) battery rather than the Lithium metal battery listed in the Amazon product’s page for this razor. When I purchased it back on October 20, 2017, I didn’t know that the battery would die in less than 36 months; I knew that, as with anything that uses rechargeable batteries, it would not last forever, but I needed it to replace an equally Norelco rotary head electric razor that The Caregiver accidentally dropped while she tried to shave my cheeks and neck a few days earlier.

On the whole, I prefer electric razors that do not have rechargeable batteries. Yes, the cord is permanently attached, and you can’t shave “cordlessly” with those old-school models, but they sure last longer. But I have searched on Amazon a few times now and, guess what? The only models that are currently available all have rechargeable batteries.

 I guess most manufacturers of consumer products are making stuff of rather inferior quality so that they only work for x number of years and then wear out and “die” so you have to go to a store or log on to your Amazon account and buy a replacement.  

Well, there’s no way that I am going to spend $41.67 on a shaver that is going to die in three years’ time because it has a nickel metal hydride battery. So I decided to get another, less expensive Remington PF7300 F3 Comfort Series Foil Shaver. It will get here, Amazon says, on Thursday.

I also ordered a replacement for my badly-scratched CD of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 in B minor. I didn’t buy a CD with the same two works (the one I tossed into the trash last night also presented the “Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture”); I bought a 6-disc set – Tchaikovsky: Symphonies 1-6, Manfred Symphony, Francesca da Rimini, Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, 1812 Overture, Rococo Variations – instead. That, my friend, will arrive on October 25, per Amazon.

It’s now mid-afternoon here – 3:23 PM – and it’s just a bit hotter than it was before, though the heat index has dropped to 90˚F (32˚C) under sunny skies. The wind has shifted a bit – it’s now a westerly breeze of 11 MPH (17 KM/H) and humidity is down to 57%, so maybe that’s why the heat index dropped just a tad.

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print from New Hometown, Florida. If I feel up to it, I might come back with another post later. If not, I’ll definitely post at least once tomorrow. In any event, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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    1. My mother’s last boyfriend had a Philips electric shaver from the World War II era. I remember it well…it was smaller than a modern shaver, but the cord was lovingly cared for (it did not have a sign of fraying) and it still worked! To this day I have no idea how he replaced the heads with the razors.

      This was sometime between 1980 and 1985 – the last year that my mom was with the guy – and the razor was from…at least I was told it was…1944 or ’45.

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