After the Assault on the Capitol: The Sad, Delusional Saga of Jenna Ryan Continues

Excerpts from Cynthia McFadden’s interview with accused Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan aired recently on NBC’s Today show

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I have a confession to make: I am fascinated by the fanaticism exhibited by former President Donald J. Trump’s supporters.  Even 24 hours after Trump gave one last rambling, nearly incoherent (and self-congratulatory) speech at Joint Base Andrews – just outside Washington, DC – the Make America Great Again (MAGA) crowd continues spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election and indulging in fantasies that the military will overthrow President Joe Biden and install Trump back as President.

Right now, the most entertaining spectacle – at least, until Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate – of MAGA cult-like public behavior is the saga of Dallas-area real estate agent Jenna Ryan.

Ryan, whose real name is Jennifer Leigh Ryan, is, of course, the former host of a Dallas area conservative radio show (it was yanked off the air by Heartland Radio), life coach, REALTOR, and wannabe author who was arrested last week for her participation in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Ryan, a devoted Trump supporter, believes that Trump won the 2020 Presidential election and joined the “Stop the Steal” protest/terrorist attack in a bid to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College’s results.

Ryan, who once bragged about taking a plane to Washington to march for former President Trump in her Twitter self-description (it now reads, “Dallas REAL ESTATE AGENT #jesus”), told NBC News reporter Cynthia McFadden that she had several motives for participating in the attack on the Capitol, including loyalty to Trump, her belief in conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, and the possibility of a romance with a “very cute guy” she met on Facebook.

Per NBC News’ Texas real estate agent on Capitol riot: ‘I’m glad I was there’, by McFadden, Anna Schecter, Didi Martinez, and Rich Schapiro:

Jenna Ryan says it all began with an invitation from a “very cute guy” on Facebook: Would she join him on a private plane to the Jan. 6 Trump rally in Washington, D.C.?

The decision was easy. Ryan, a Dallas-area real estate agent, is single, loves President Donald Trump and believes the discredited claim that the election was riddled with fraud.

But the trip didn’t have a happy ending.

Not only did Ryan’s romantic hopes get dashed when her “very cute guy” ditched her for another “adorable girl” who was part of the group that went on the impromptu flight to Washington, but now she has been arrested by the FBI for her participation in the Capitol breach.

Now free on bond, Ryan faces charges of disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds and remaining in a restricted building.

Ryan is now the subject of Internet memes. Image via

Per the NBC article by McFadden, Schecter, Martinez, and Schapiro:

Within 48 hours of her return to Texas, social media posts made by Ryan, who livestreamed herself entering the U.S. Capitol with a mob of Trump supporters, were being shared with the FBI, and she would soon become the target of a federal investigation.

She didn’t get the guy, either. He hit it off with a different woman, she says.

“He was adorable,” Ryan said in an interview. “And there was another adorable girl there, too, and they ended up getting together, darn it.”

 And, like many Trump supporters who believe in conspiracies such as Pizzagate, QAnon, “Deep State,” and Trump’s oft-repeated lies that the election was stolen, the 50-year-old Ryan is not repentant about her actions.

“I have no guilt in my heart,” said Ryan. “My intention was not to have a riot. I did not want to have a riot. I was documenting what was going on in the environment I was in.”

Even now, Ryan’s Twitter feed is a mix of stubborn pro-Trump sentiment, misplaced pride in what she did (although, as I said earlier, she edited her “self-description” so it no longer tells the world that she flew to Washington to “Stop the Steal”), and claims that we now live in a country with an illegitimate President.

Here are some of Ryan’s latest comments on her Twitter feed:

Jenna Ryan @dotjenna

This is a sad day for America.

7:33 AM · Jan 20, 2021·Twitter Web App

Jenna Ryan@dotjenna

Replying to @dotjenna

Think before you tweet.

10:58 PM · Jan 20, 2021·Twitter Web App

Jenna Ryan@dotjenna

After being a victim of so much bullying online, I will never I will try never to call another person a name or to make a judgment about them and just slap it on a tweet.

10:55 PM · Jan 20, 2021·Twitter Web App

Jenna Ryan@dotjenna

Replying to @dotjenna

I have to go to trial in Washington DC for this misdemeanor. I believe I was wrongfully arrested and charged and we have to fight for my freedom and decl my name.

11:55 AM · Jan 21, 2021·Twitter Web App

Jenna Ryan@dotjenna

Replying to @dotjenna

All my computers were confiscated as well as my phone and my Maga hat.

11:55 AM · Jan 21, 2021·Twitter Web App

(Oh, no! Not her MAGA hat!)

Jenna Ryan@dotjenna

Help support Jenna Ryan by donating or retweeting. (Link removed) I am accepting donations to pay legal fees and losses due to my arrest and charges by the FBI for protesting at the US Capitol. Thank you for your support. Any amount helps.

11:28 AM · Jan 21, 2021·Twitter Web App

A more mature and intelligent person with a modicum of self-respect and self-awareness would have closed her social media accounts and stopped seeking attention, especially when the tide of popular attention is not in their favor.

Photo by Pixabay on

Not Jenna. She’s not contrite. She is not embarrassed. She is undeterred in her efforts to delegitimize President Joe Biden and perpetuate the debunked right-wing myth that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

In her interview with NBC, Ryan was defiant and unapologetic. As McFadden notes:

Ryan also said she has “given up on America” and won’t vote again because she believes the election system is corrupt.

She said she remains convinced that the results were fraudulent even though elections officials in all 50 states certified them and dozens of judges, including Republicans and some appointed by Trump, dismissed the claims.

“That didn’t faze me,” she said. She added, “No one heard the evidence.”


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    1. She really needs to (a) get off social media and hunker down or (b) show contrition…at least some, anyway.

      She wants to run for office in the Patriot Party, too. She’s a little on the Nazi side, me thinks!

      Thanks for commenting, my friend!

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    2. Alternate reality is my favorite new expression when it comes to people who support trump and don’t believe in masks. As I’m sure you saw in Florida, a lot of people are living in an alternate reality. I could not believe the owner of the condo I stayed in. Meeting us without a mask. Seriously? I got yelled at on the trail yesterday in Colorado when I was running without a mask. The trail is not busy at all and it’s very wide and I always stay very far away from anyone. Anyhow I was too tired to say anything to the woman whose mask was not on correctly so I just flipped her off. That is so unlike me!

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      1. The waitress at the one restaurant we went to for breakfast (sitting outside) commented “Wow, you must be so happy to be down here where there are less restrictions!” We all just got quiet for a few seconds and then I said “Well it’s to protect us….” She scooted away real quick after that

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  1. This is hysterical I did not hear the story about the guy. Yes I’ve been using that word “alternate reality” a lot after my trip to Florida. No offense to you but a lot of people down in your state are living in an alternate reality when it comes to Covid

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