Musings for Friday, May 7, 2021, or: Keeping Tabs on a Wayward Laptop

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Hi there, Dear Reader. It’s early afternoon here in New Hometown, Florida as I sit here at my desk, gathering my thoughts and trying to come up with blogging greatness. Right now the temperature is 83˚ F (28˚C) under sunny skies. With the wind blowing from the northwest at 10 MPH (17 KM/H) and humidity at 36%, the feels-like temperature is 81˚F (27˚C). Today’s forecast:  We can expect sunny skies and a high of 87˚F (30˚C). Tonight, skies will be clear and the low will be 60˚F (15˚C).

As you know, last weekend I ordered a new laptop (a Lenovo S340 IdeaPad) to replace my now-dead Compaq laptop) from, along with a new wireless mouse. It was on sale ($599.99) and I purchased it just in time – Best Buy has it listed at $799.99 now.

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Like I always do when I order anything online, be it a big-ticket item like my 4K UHD television or the Lenovo S340), I check on the seller’s website in “Your Orders” page to see where my purchases are and when they will arrive.

Well, tracking my mouse was easy; within 24 hours of my purchase, Best Buy – which usually teams up with UPS for its online orders deliveries – had the tracking information in my Your Orders page, complete with tracking number and a delivery estimate.

As I recall, the original delivery estimate for the mouse was Thursday, May 6 – yesterday. Later, UPS and Best Buy updated the ETA to Tuesday, May 4, and that’s when I received it.

However, for some reason, UPS has not provided Best Buy tracking information for my laptop; whenever I visit and check on my order’s status, this is what it says:

We’re waiting for UPS to provide your tracking information, but it should be available soon.

This is not me, but this illustration conveys the feelings I have right now pretty darn well, thank you very much. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

If the Lenovo – IdeaPad S340 15″ Touch-Screen Laptop had been available on Amazon for $599.99 on May 3 – the day I ordered it on Best Buy’s website – it is likely that I would have bought it there instead. I might have gotten it sooner than next Monday, and Amazon would have had timely tracking information about my order.

And yet, the best UPS and can tell me about the whereabouts of a somewhat expensive item is We’re waiting for UPS to provide your tracking information, but it should be available soon.

For three days in a row, even.

It’s a good thing that this is not an emergency situation where I absolutely, positively, no-doubts-about-it need that laptop. After all, I do have that Lenovo ThinkPad on hand, as well as the desktop PC I am using now.

In a related bit of computer news, I ordered a new battery for the aforementioned ThinkPad at Amazon; I had to look up my small laptop’s model – ‘tis a T-11e – to avoid ordering the wrong battery, but it only cost me $21.97. It’s priced at $23.13, but there was a digital coupon included, so I clicked on it and got $1.16 taken off the final price. And Amazon has an ETA for the battery – it’s set to arrive on Tuesday.

Take that,, and your We’re waiting for UPS to provide your tracking information, but it should be available soon messages.

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    1. Intellectually, I know that I probably should not worry and have faith that my computer will be here on Monday, like Best Buy says. And even if it gets here a week from today, I’ll still get it.

      On the other hand, I’m an emotional person, and big expenses (and anything over $100 is a big expense for me) make me nervous, both for the good and for the bad. And seeing that the laptop shipped several days ago but that UPS has no tracking data for it is unsettling.

      Interesting that your TV was purchased on Amazon but was from Best Buy. What kind of TV is it?

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