Musings & Thoughts for Monday, May 10, 2021, or: Closely Watched Laptops

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Greetings, Dear Reader. It’s early afternoon here in New Hometown, Florida on Monday, May 10, 2021. Currently, the temperature outside is 89˚F (32˚C) under partly sunny skies. With humidity at 58% and the wind blowing from the south-southeast at 10 MPH (16 KM/H), the heat index is 94˚F (34˚C). The forecast for today calls for mostly sunny skies and a high of 93˚F (34˚C). Tonight, we can expect partly cloudy skies and a low of 71˚F (22˚C).

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Today is the day when my Lenovo – IdeaPad S340 15″ Touch-Screen Laptop is due to arrive. As I have mentioned before, my 12-year-old Compaq/Hewlett-Packard laptop stopped working a while back – I could only use it on “Safe Mode with Networking,” and Microsoft ceased supporting its operating system, Windows Vista, four years ago – so on May 1 I ordered a replacement from Best Buy, along with a Logitech – MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Laser Mouse.

The mouse was delivered last Thursday via UPS, and Best Buy’s “My Orders” page kept showing me that my new laptop’s status was “Shipped” even though UPS did not provide the store with a tracking number. As a result, I have been nervous about the whereabouts of the new laptop; I charged it to my MasterCard credit card, and since it’s quite an expensive purchase –  $644.99 including shipping and Florida sales taxes – I want to know where it is and when is it really going to be here. 

Finally…a tracking number.

When I checked this morning, I was relieved to see that UPS finally sent the seller the tracking information as well as an unchanged delivery estimate. As of this writing, my IdeaPad S340 15″ Touch-Screen Laptop is set to arrive today. However, since the package is small – the laptop itself weighs 3.86 pounds – UPS opted to have it delivered to the house via a third-party shipping partner, TFI International Inc.

Lenovo via Best Buy

If all goes well and TFI International Inc. does its job right, I should have my new laptop up and running no later than tomorrow. Preferably today, but since I don’t see where my computer has been, much less where it is now, I can’t assume I’ll have it any time before 6 PM today.

As you can imagine, all this worrying caused me to sleep so uneasily that I woke up at 5:31 AM, way before everyone else (including The Caregiver, who has the day off from her county job). I found that she and her beau had left the TV and the lamp by the common room on all night, so I shlepped on over there to turn them off. I then shlepped back to my room – which I’ve come to nickname as the Death Star Detention Center – and futilely tried to go back to sleep. I guess the constant fretting about my laptop and the annoyance over the Caregiver’s devil-may-care attitude about leaving the television set and a lamp on all night killed any chance I might have had of taking at least a short catnap.

If it wasn’t so hot, I’d be out at the park, book in hand, getting some fresh air and sunshine.

So, Dear Reader, I now have a nagging headache and a strong desire to…well, not be at my desk writing. I should at least take two Tylenol caplets and take a break, otherwise I’ll be grouchy and unproductive. I can live with the grouchiness as long as no one bothers me, but I don’t want to be stuck with “writer’s block” or “inability to come up with something worth reading.”

So, with that thought, I’m off to seek some Tylenol.

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