Musings & Thoughts for Thursday, December 30, 2021, or: That’s a Wrap for ’21 – Part One

Hi, there, Dear Reader. It’s late morning here in Lithia, Florida, on Thursday, December 30, 2021. It’s a cool, gray winter day. Currently, the temperature is 71˚F (22˚C) under cloudy skies. With humidity at 92% and the wind blowing from the south-southwest at 6 MPH (10 KM/H), the feels-like temperature is 70˚F (21˚C). It’s going to be a warm penultimate day for 2021; today’s forecast calls for partly sunny skies and a high of 84˚F (29˚C). Tonight, skies will be partly cloudy, and the low will be 68˚F (20˚C).

Yesterday afternoon I received one of the two Amazon orders I was expecting: my Star Wars The Black Series Admiral Piett six-inch scale action figure based on the Imperial officer Firmus Piett, played by Kenneth Colley in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983).

Image credit and (C) 2018 Hasbro, Inc, and Lucasfilm Ltd.

Originally released on July 13, 2018 as an “exclusive” for Entertainment Earth, this is a fairly accurate depiction of the only Imperial officer to appear in two Star Wars films without being Force-choked by the mercurial Darth Vader. And as is often the case with Star Wars The Black Series action figures, Hasbro did a good job with the sculpt and paint job. The good admiral even comes with a removable Imperial officer’s kepi-style cap and an Imperial-issue blaster, even though (a) Piett never wields a weapon on screen in The Empire Strikes Back or in Return of the Jedi, and (b) the figure does not have a holster for when that blaster is not “in use.”

(C) 1999, 2007 Sony Music Group

What I did not receive yesterday was my Christmas Favorites album of, natch, Christmas carols performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra under the baton of the late Arthur Fiedler. Apparently, there was a delay in transit between the Amazon facility in Tampa and the one in Seffner (which serves the FishHawk area), so it will be delivered today along with Spotlight on John Williams, the Prospero Classical tribute album featuring performances of Maestro Williams’ film music by the City Light Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kevin Griffiths.

(C) 2021 Prospero Classical

Other than that, Dear Reader, there’s not much to tell. I went to bed shortly after I watched the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+. Because I fell asleep so early (it must have been before 10 PM), when I woke up (as is my lot these days) to go to the bathroom it was 3:15 AM. I did not want to stay awake that early in the morning, so I curled up on my futon and tried my best to relax and fall asleep again.

It took me forever to accomplish this, but I did get drowsy and went back to sleep. Of course, that means that when I woke up for good it was past eight in the morning (I think it was nearly nine when I got up and booted up my PC). By then, The Caregiver was already at work in her home office and the café con leche she usually makes for me was essentially a Cuban-style frappucino. She also left what remained of her cup of café con leche, which of course was as cold as my full cup.

Well, I should go and take my shower, put on fresh clothes, and see what I can scrounge up for lunch. After all, I can’t run on one and a half cups of café con leche. So, until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

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