On Movies & Movie Collecting: Amazon Comes Through; My Copy of ‘Maid in Sweden’ is Here

A vintage poster from a seller in eBay. (C) 1971 Cannon Group.

It’s early evening here, and although it seemed as though the last of the Dog Days of Summer 2022 would be a literal wash-out, the thunderstorms that were predicted for the afternoon never came close to Fish Hawk Ranch, the sprawling planned community in the Tampa Bay area that I have called home since early April of 2016.

It was cloudy and gray outside until late in the afternoon, but it did not rain at all, so I took a shower and got dressed – sans shoes, as is my usual custom unless I go out for a walk or there’s company expected – in comfortable stay-at-home clothes. And because there were no thunderstorms nearby, I stayed online, checked my email, paid some credit card bills, and – of course – checked the status of my Amazon Prime delivery.[1]

For most of the afternoon, the package with my Kino Lorber/Code Red Blu-ray release of 1971’s Maid in Sweden – a coming-of-age story about the sexual awakening of 16-year-old Inga (played by 21-year-old model-actor Christina Lindberg) – was marked as Out for Delivery. Early on, it looked like it might arrive between 1 PM and 4:30 PM, then the delivery time was predicted for 5 PM, and finally the last estimate was Still Scheduled to Arrive Today Before 10 PM.

Finally, around 6:30 PM, resigned to a one-day delay in the arrival of my “sexy movie,” I checked my Amazon order status for the last time and was gratified to see the words Delivered today: Your package was left near the front door or porch on my computer monitor.

(C) 2022 Kino Lorber/Code Red Maid in Sweden (C) 1971 Cannon Films

Here’s Kino Lorber/Code Red’s synopsis as it appears on the reverse cover of the Maid in Sweden Blu-ray jewel case packaging:

Cult-film starlet Christina Lindberg (Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Anita: Swedish Nymphet) shines in this erotic coming-of-age story. When young Inga (Lindberg), a country milkmaid, visits her emancipated libertine sister in the big city of Stockholm, her innocence shatters. Possessing a luminous beauty and the proclivity to disrobe at the drop of a hat, she discovers sex for the first time and is forever changed by the harshness of her exposure to life. Some girls only dream about it…but Inga makes her deep sexual dreams come true in this steamy ’70s classic now in eye-popping HD!

It’s easy to see why Lindberg was, for a while, Sweden’s queen of sexploitation films. She had a kind of beauty that was erotic yet charmingly naive. (C) 1971 Cannon Group International

Maid in Sweden was written by Ronnie Friedland and George T. Nelson and directed by Israeli filmmaker Dan Wolman (credited here as Floch Johnson). The score by Bob Nash is reflective of the period, featuring a lot of acoustic guitar and somewhat repetitive motifs that break up the silence and almost-but-not-quite seem like they’d fit into a porn movie. Sometimes Nash adds a few original pop songs with a peppy pop-rock sound. They’re not unpleasant to the ear, and they do remind me of when I was eight years old, as this style of music was used in movies and TV shows about young people in love.

(C) 1971 Cannon Films

I’ve already seen a few of Christina Lindberg’s nude scenes in passing – I have Maid in Sweden as “background” as I write this. And as I expected, Ms. Lindberg was a hottie when she was 21. So far, though, I’ve only seen her topless since my attention is not – alas – on the movie but on my computer right now. Still, even though I’ve only seen her boobs, now I understood why she was sought out for these 1970s “sexploitation” movies. In brief, she was hot, and she seemed to enjoy baring it all for the camera.

Aside from that, no hay novedad, so I’ll just sign off here. I’ll probably watch Maid in Sweden later; right now, I’m hungry and need to figure out what to eat. The Caregiver is too wrapped up in her personal issues and is rather uninterested in providing actual care as of late, so I must look in the fridge or pantry to see if there’s anything I can prepare myself.

So, until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.

[1] Coincidentally, today I got my e-bill for my annual Amazon Prime membership. Oof. It used to be $100 per year when I signed up in the 2010s, then it went up to $120 a couple of years ago. Now it’s $140 per year, I don’t have to send in a payment to the card I use to pay Amazon Prime till September 1, but I decided to schedule one for $50 that will go out tomorrow so that when “autopay” kicks in on the actual due date, my budget for the month won’t take such a huge hit.

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