On Movies & Movie Collecting: Looks Like Tomorrow I Will Have an Embarrassment of (Blu-ray) Riches….

Part of my Blu-ray/DVD media library. This photo features a section that houses a mix of DVDs, 2K HD Blu-rays, and 4K UHD Blu-rays. (Photo by the author)

Well, if all goes well tomorrow, my Blu-ray collection will be somewhat larger once my three – yep, three – Amazon pre-orders arrive here in lovely Lithia, Florida as scheduled.

(C) 1984, 2022 MGM-United Artists and Shout! Factory

I was originally only expecting one, the Shout! Factory’s Collector’s Edition 4K UHD release of 1984’s Red Dawn. It’s one of my few “guilty pleasures” – a film about a small group of Colorado teenagers who become anti-Communist guerrillas after a Soviet-led invasion of the United States in the mid-1980s – and I own it on DVD and the older 2K Blu-ray format. It’s not a great movie like, say, Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia, or Star Wars, but it brings back both 1980s nostalgia and a decent – if conservative-leaning – action-adventure story. And it’s one of those titles that I’ve owned in every video format I’ve adopted (except digital), so I figured I’d get Red Dawn on 4K as well.

(C) 2022 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment & Amblin Entertainment

I wasn’t expecting to get either the Jurassic World: Dominion steelbook or the Jurassic World: Ultimate Collection 6-movie box set till January, though; when I made my preorders a few months ago, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment announced that the final movie (for now) in the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise would be released on home media (physical and digital), not before January 2023.

(C) 1993-2022 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Amblin Entertainment

But the Comcast-owned studio changed its mind, apparently, so the street date of the Universal/Amblin Entertainment co-production about humanity’s evolving relationship with genetically revived dinosaurs was moved up to tomorrow.

Luckily, I already paid my rent, and I made sure to use different credit cards to pay for them so that the card which is set for automatic payment (Amazon Visa) doesn’t drain my account in early September. (I’ve already sent a few payments in advance to soften the blow, so to speak.)

The last time I checked the status of my orders on Amazon, all three were being readied for shipment. Since Amazon says the delivery estimate is for tomorrow by 11 PM, I assume the point of origin is the Amazon distribution center in Davenport or close to it. If the packages were shipping from out of state, as they sometimes are, they would have gone out this morning or late last night to meet the August 16 scheduled delivery.

Will my orders arrive tomorrow for sure? More than likely, sure. Of course, as in everything in life, especially where multiple variables come into play and human beings are involved, there’s always a possibility that things will not go according to plan.

I choose to be optimistic, though, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow with an almost “night-before-Christmas” sense of anticipation.  

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