On Blogs & Blogging: It’s Nice to Be Noticed – A Tempus Fugit Piece is Featured in a Sevilla-Based Study Abroad Program’s Blog!

Whoa! My Tempus Fugit piece from December got “reblogged” by the International College of Seville!

Hello, again, Dear Reader.

In my haste to write, edit, and publish my previous post, I totally forgot to mention a bit of good news.

Not earthshakingly good news along the lines of “I met someone who is interested in dating me…” or “I shook off my irritating cold and wrote a review of Code Name: Downfall,” but still a positive development.

Last month (on December 18, to be exact), I wrote a Tempus Fugit piece about my last morning in Sevilla, Spain, which was on December 18, 1988. It was cold on the day I wrote it, and the low temperatures here in Florida prompted me to write about the equally cold day 34 years past.

The student activities director at ICS, Lisa Dolan, is one of the few people from my stint there that I am still in contact with, and since I share some of my posts on Instagram, Lisa read the blog post, Farewell and Adieu to You Fair Spanish Ladies, shortly after I published it.

She enjoyed it so much, in fact, that she asked if she could adapt it for ICS’ The Porvenir Times blog.

Cathedral and La Giralda u2013 Seville u2013 Spain u2013 Catedral y La Giralda u2013 Sevilla u2013 Espau00f1a u2013 WorldPhotographyDay22 by Eduardo J. Cabaleiro is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

I, of course, said, “Of course,” and I gave Lisa permission to tweak it so that it would fit the space she planned to publish it in. As a result, it’s a tad different from the original post on A Certain Point of View, Too, but it worked out nicely.

The ICS blog version can be read here.


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