On Movies & Movie Collecting: ‘The Fabelmans’ – Literally Counting the Days for Its Home Media Release

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In less than 11 days, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures – or their distribution partners that send their wares to Amazon, Best Buy, Deep Discount, and what have you – will release The Fabelmans on 4K UHD/2K HD Blu-ray. This, the 36th film directed by Steven Spielberg, is one of the few movies I’ve wanted to see in theaters, but a combination of factors prevented me from going out to a nearby multiplex.

Although it’s currently available to “stream” on Amazon Prime Video (for a fee, of course) and digital copy-only customers, I opted for the multi-format release (4K/2K Blu-ray and digital copy) edition, which means I need to wait until February 14 (or maybe even a bit later, depending on when Amazon gets its shipments and when it sends the merchandise to consumers) to see this film, which has been nominated for Best Picture of 2022 at this year’s Oscar Awards.

Since I need to watch my budget and exercise self-discipline even more than I already do when it comes to buying “fun” stuff, I canceled all but two of my pre-orders. (In fact, if I had not had nearly 1,000 reward points on my Amazon Rewards Visa card, I would have canceled Young Sherlock Holmes, regardless of the collectible packaging or the fact that it might be a good movie.)

I still want to receive Black Sunday and the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, but I do not plan to buy any new movies until I see how my change in circumstances affects my finances.

In the meantime, though, I’ll content myself with watching the stuff I have on hand while I wait for The Fabelmans to arrive.


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