On Movies & Movie Collecting (Closely Watched Packages Edition): There’s Light at the End of The Tunnel in ‘The Fabelmans’ Saga!

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Burt Fabelman: [driving on Christmas] The lights change how everything looks. It’s hard to find our house.

Younger Sammy Fabelman: Ours is the dark house with no lights.

[Mitzi laughs]

Younger Sammy Fabelman: That’s what I want for Hanukkah.

Mitzi Fabelman: What?

Younger Sammy Fabelman: Christmas lights!

Well, it’s confirmed – my multi-format (4K UHD/2K HD/Digital Copy) set of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment’s The Fabelmans will arrive tomorrow.

According to the email I received this morning from UPS, my package – which is sitting in a UPS distribution center in Lakeland, Florida as I write these words – will be delivered on Monday, February 20, between noon and 2 PM.

Assuming that nothing goes awry and there are no “lost package” misadventures such as the one I experienced in 2021 when I bought a Lenovo laptop online from Best Buy, by this time tomorrow, I will be watching the most personal movie Steven Spielberg has made in his long, storied career as a filmmaker.

I truly wanted to see this movie in theaters – as was the case with West Side Story – and if I’d been able to stay in my former home in South Florida, I could have gone on a bus to the Cobb 19 multiplex and done just that. But the double whammy of COVID-19 and having no one who wanted to go with me or – at the very least – drop me off at the nearest theater precluded that.

After all, even though the home media edition has the same content as the theatrical release, in my mind, nothing beats watching a feature film on the “Big Screen,” no matter how big a TV you own at home.

(C) 2022, 2023 Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, & Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

But, hey, getting the multiformat home media edition is better than not seeing The Fabelmans – or any other movie – at all.


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