A Quick Thought: Right-Wing ‘Patriotism’

We need to reclaim the flag and other icons that symbolize the United States of America (including martial sculptures such as the Marine Corps Memorial in Washington DC) and not let the right-wingers who call themselves “patriots” claim them as their own preserve. Image by tislas from Pixabay 

I hate how the right has hijacked the concept and symbols of patriotism and claimed “love of country” as the domain of the conservative movement and its adherents.

Trump supporters call themselves “patriots.” They fetishize the American flag and other national symbols (such as the bald eagle). They claim that they, and they alone, are the real Americans and that everyone who is not on their side is a Communist or a Marxist.

I don’t consider folks who use violence and dirty political tricks (including intimidating behavior at the polls, spreading falsehoods about “stolen elections,” and attacking the U.S. Capitol to reverse the results of a Presidential election) to be “patriots.”

To me, they are domestic terrorists.


Published by Alex Diaz-Granados

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