Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Regiments’ will Get a New (and Free!) DLC Upgrade in Mid-April of ’23!

Coming soon: Regiments: Iron Curtain, Bird’s Eye Games/MicroProse’s second DLC expansion. Game design elements, logos, and other indicia are (C) 2022, 2023 Bird’s Eye Games & MicroProse

All right, Regiments fans! Listen up; I have a brief heads-up message about Bird’s Eye Games/MicroProse’s exciting new upgrade for the Cold War-turns-hot game that’s scheduled for mid-April.

You recall, I’m sure, that Regiments received what the developer – and the fine folks over at “New MicroProse” – said would be the game’s first (and possibly only free) downloadable content (DLC) expansion around the Christmas holidays (late December of ’22).

U.S. mechanized infantrymen and M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles prepare for battle somewhere in West Germany, June 1989.

Titled Regiments: Second Wave, this iteration introduced a new Skirmish area – Route Sherwood – and several British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) regiments, as well as a few game-balancing tweaks to both the game and the pre-existing units from Regiments 1.0.

A Soviet self-propelled artillery piece burns after being destroyed by an American DPICM artillery strike.

The new DLC expansion also features a revised game title – when it goes live in a few weeks, the game will sport a new logo with the updated name Regiments: Iron Curtain.

Here’s the skinny from MicroProse in the Steam News announcement, released yesterday:

Scheduled for the middle of April, the new “Iron Curtain” update will introduce five more Warsaw Pact regiments – including two Polish ones – and a wealth of new equipment.

The previous update, “Second Wave”, highlighted the disparity between the amount of NATO and Warsaw Pact regiments available for Skirmish. In this situation, locking all the new Pact regiments behind a paid DLC felt wrong.

So, if I’m reading this right, this second round of DLC is also going to be free!

I’m down for that. Aren’t you?

(Of course, you are! Admit it!)

Now, there are some other cool adjustments to Regiments in the upcoming Iron Curtain expansion, but you can read it straight from the source over on Steam.

My latest after-action report (AAR). The Soviets did not do all that well, did they?

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