On Poetry: ‘Where Time’s Winds Blow’

I rarely write poetry. I am, first and foremost, a writer of prose, with a side dish of screenwriting added for good measure. Poetry is a genre that I don’t tackle much because I always feel like, “Nah. This is drivel. It doesn’t sing.” In today’s parlance, poetry, my friend, is not in my comfortContinue reading “On Poetry: ‘Where Time’s Winds Blow’”

Remembering My ‘Papi’: My Dad Died a Hero, But He Shouldn’t Have…..

Yesterday – Monday, October 4, 2021 – was my father’s 102nd birthday. I never had a chance to say “Happy birthday, Papi” to Jeronimo Diaz-Granados before he died. At least, not at an age in which I could say it uncoached by my mother Beatriz. I was less than seven months old when he celebratedContinue reading “Remembering My ‘Papi’: My Dad Died a Hero, But He Shouldn’t Have…..”

A Writer’s Tale: Truth or Fiction?

“Yeah, I know what your English Professor tried to tell you. But if your English Professor could make a living writing fiction, they would have been doing it.” ― Dean Wesley Smith Where do you get your ideas from? All writers of fiction, from Jane Austen, Herman Melville, Jules Verne, Edith Wharton, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Harris,Continue reading “A Writer’s Tale: Truth or Fiction?”

A Writer’s Tale: Of Names and Songs

Many years ago, when I still lived in Miami, Florida, I wrote a short story which was both a coming-of-age tale and also a look at an older man who must re-examine his youthful choices after a tragic incident kills his high school “crush.” As Reunion’s summary reads on the back cover and on itsContinue reading “A Writer’s Tale: Of Names and Songs”

A Writer’s Tale: A Brief Discussion of Characters in ‘Reunion’

In the summer of 1998, I wrote a short story about a man, his best friend, and a woman who died. Because I wrote the story around the same time that South Miami High’s Class of 1983 held its 15th reunion – an affair that I did not attend because I could not afford theContinue reading “A Writer’s Tale: A Brief Discussion of Characters in ‘Reunion’”

A Writer’s Tale: Birth of a Short Story

  It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a tad over three years since I self-published my short story Reunion via Amazon’s CreateSpace  Independent Publishing Platform. Originally written in 1998 at a time when I was feeling nostalgic about my teenage years and, among many things, prompted by the recent death of one of myContinue reading “A Writer’s Tale: Birth of a Short Story”

On Family Relationships: Some Things You Can’t Just ‘Forgive and Forget’

“A sibling in full spate is always frightening, their anger a surprising powerful defense, their deeper impotence equally powerful, absurd.”― Will Eaves, Murmur It’s been over six years since I last saw my older half-sister Vicky in the townhouse that I inherited and briefly owned after our mother, Beatriz Diaz-Granados, died. I really did notContinue reading “On Family Relationships: Some Things You Can’t Just ‘Forgive and Forget’”

I’m a Teller of Tales: An Excerpt from ‘Reunion: A Story’

10:55 a.m.: South Miami Senior High School: A Classroom: On the last day of school, things always seem to take place at a slower pace than usual, especially after the last final exams have been completed. Since Finals Week is so markedly different from the norm, with schedules switched to accommodate final exams, there isContinue reading “I’m a Teller of Tales: An Excerpt from ‘Reunion: A Story’”

I’m a Teller of Tales: Excerpt from ‘Reunion: A Story’

Forgotten Dreams: 14th of June 1983 11 a.m.: South Miami Senior High/ The Library I had been sitting in the library for nearly an hour when fatigue and emotional exhaustion finally caught up with me. I’d been leafing listlessly through the final issue of the school newspaper and had nearly finished the lead article (AssistantContinue reading “I’m a Teller of Tales: Excerpt from ‘Reunion: A Story’”