Tempus Fugit: Remembering Cheryl T- 50 Years Later (Epilogue)

I never even talked about Cheryl much with “the girl who came after,” and – I don’t know why the fuck I did this – what little I did say was not true. I don’t remember what cockamamie story I told K the few times that she asked about the girl I had left behind, but I can tell you that I did not tell her about the pink sweater, or that I had cried myself to sleep three nights in a row before starting school at Tropical Elementary on Monday, November 13, 1972.  

School, 1972 (Heartsong): Haiku #9

Auburn hair, loose, brushed Past fair shoulders gently spills Catches morning’s light

School, 1972 Revisited (50 Years After): Haiku # 7

Old childhood picture Yellowed, dogeared, still treasured Past heartaches return

School, 1972: Haiku #4

Blue skies and white clouds High above the packed schoolyard Below, sad goodbyes

School, 1972: Haiku #2

For Cheryl T…Wherever She May Be Winter’s chill comes now Pink wool sweater warms your skin Teardrops fall like leaves