Music Album Review: ‘A Bridge Too Far – Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack’

In June of 1977, Metro Goldwyn Mayer/United Artists released director Richard Attenborough’s A Bridge Too Far, a World War II epic based on Cornelius Ryan’s 1974 non-fiction book about Operation Market-Garden, the star-crossed attempt by the Allies to use three and a half airborne divisions (two American, one British, and one Polish brigade) and theContinue reading “Music Album Review: ‘A Bridge Too Far – Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack’”

Home Media Comparison: ‘A Bridge Too Far’ DVD vs. Blu-ray

A Bridge Too Far on Home Media When producer Joseph E. Levine’s $25 million adaptation of Cornelius Ryan’s non-fiction book A Bridge Too Far landed in theaters on June 15, 1977, home media as we know it today was in its infancy. Videocassette recorders existed, of course, but they were still mostly used by theContinue reading “Home Media Comparison: ‘A Bridge Too Far’ DVD vs. Blu-ray”

Movie Review: ‘A Bridge Too Far’

  Lt. Gen. Horrocks: [briefing his XXX Corps officers on Operation Market Garden] Gentlemen, this is a story that you shall tell your grandchildren, and mightily bored they’ll be. [the officers laugh] The plan is called “Operation Market Garden”. “Market” is the airborne element, and “Garden”, the ground forces. That’s us. [points to a map behind him of Holland, showingContinue reading “Movie Review: ‘A Bridge Too Far’”