Musings & Thoughts for October 9, 2022, or: What’s on My Mind Today Redux

Things on My Mind, Sunday, October 9, 2022: Early this morning – shortly after midnight, to be exact, I was still awake and, as is all too common with me these days, in a deep funk. I should have been asleep on my futon – I don’t dare call it a bed, because although itContinue reading “Musings & Thoughts for October 9, 2022, or: What’s on My Mind Today Redux”

Tales Told on Page & Screen: Six Word Story

Six Word Story – A Simple Ad (Inspired by an apocryphal story about Ernest Hemingway) For Sale: Boy’s Skateboard. Never Used. Credits Directed by: Juan Carlos Hernandez Written by: Alex Diaz-Granados Produced by: Adria K. Woomer-Hernandez Edited by: Juan Carlos Hernandez Cast: Juan Carlos Hernandez as John, Adria K. Woomer-Hernandez as Sara Running Time: 3Continue reading “Tales Told on Page & Screen: Six Word Story”

My Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘Clown 345’

On July 12, 2019, my high school chum Juan Carlos Hernandez posted Clown 345, a short comedy film about three clowns, a phone, and a joke. It stars Juan (a professional actor who has played many roles on TV, feature films, and even local theater in and around New York City), his wife Adria, andContinue reading “My Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘Clown 345’”

My Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘A Simple Ad’

On May 2, 2019, New York City-based actor-director Juan Carlos Hernandez uploaded a short film titled A Simple Ad to the online video-sharing platform YouTube. Produced by his wife, actress-producer-editor Adria K. Woomer-Hernandez for their indie film company Popcorn Sky Productions, A Simple Ad is a brief but poignant story about loss, grief, and theContinue reading “My Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘A Simple Ad’”