More Musings, More Thoughts on a Hot Wednesday Afternoon in Florida

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Hi again, Dear Reader. As I promised, I am back with a third post for A Certain Point of View, Too. As I write this, it’s still early afternoon here (2:25 PM Eastern), and as the AccuWeather forecast predicted, it’s yet another “Africa hot” day in New Hometown, Florida.

Currently, the temperature outside is 91˚F under mostly cloudy skies; with humidity at 62% and the wind blowing at 4 MPH (with gusts of up to 8 MPH), the heat index is 99˚F in the shade and 101˚F in the open. The forecast still calls for rain later this afternoon, but so far we have not seen any showers in my neighborhood. (Keep in mind that the planned community where I live is huge, far bigger than the section of Miami-Dade County – Fontainebleau Park – where I lived for 38 years before moving to New Hometown.

I am in “street clothes” – except for shoes – and if my caregiver weren’t working in her home office, I would probably be outside – sticking to the shady areas of the area – walking and getting some sun and fresh air. The sticking point now is that our dog would start protesting if I went out for a walk without her, and because the lady of the house’s job is basically a remote version of a call center, we have to avoid making any unnecessary noise. I’d catch hell if our dog barks loudly and insistently if I don’t take her along. If the dog had a regular leash and collar rig, I could take her with me. But the family uses a more complicated harness instead, and I can’t put it on the pooch.

So….no walk until later, I suppose.

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I was going to review the Star Wars The Black Series figure #69 Tobias Beckett this afternoon, but I think I’ll save that for another day. I spend way too much time in one room, and between that and The Big Breakup, I think it might be best if I vary my routine a bit during the daylight hours. I have plenty of books to read, and I do have an Amazon Fire HD tablet with a headset to either use the Kindle app to read from or listen to some tunes on Amazon Music Unlimited. If my caregiver were at the office instead of here, I would even watch a movie or two. Alas, this is not so, so movies are out.

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(In theory, I could watch any DVD content I have – and I have a lot of movies and DVDs in that format – on this PC, but that would entail connecting a headset to the AUDIO OUT jack. It’s not impossible to do, but it does involve moving my Lenovo All-in-One PC on my desk in order to find the right I/O jack on the left side of the PC. I don’t really feel like doing that. I’m a bit tired and groggy after waking up early, and I don’t want to damage my main computer by moving it the wrong way, so I think I’ll just go read.)

Well, Dear Reader, I think I’ll wrap up this installment of Musings & Thoughts. I am tired and I am running out of things to say, so I’m off to go take a break from my study and read for a while. So, see you soon, and thanks for reading!  

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  1. Right now I am planning on staying in Florida in January after the spouse and Danny go back home. I’ll definitely get over that way at least one day and take you out for a bit just to get out and about. Just depends on how long I end up staying. Definitely until the beginning of February.

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      1. I haven’t been able to track Delta (ugh…let’s hope we don’t go all the way to Omega!) today, but last night the Cone of Uncertainty seemed to indicate a more Louisiana-bound track. Still, one never knows exactly how those storms will behave. But yeah…the Panhandle might just get off scot-free with Delta.

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