A Quick Thought: Florida Right-Wing State Senator Seeks to ‘Cancel’ Democratic Party in the State

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If anyone still doubts that the Republican Party is authoritarian and seeks to create a one-party system (with itself as the one party), this should change your mind.

In my home state of Florida, state Senator Blaise Ingoglia introduced SB 1248, aka “the Ultimate Cancel Act.” If enacted, it would make the state Department of Elections cancel any filings from any political party that advocated for or supported the permanence of slavery and other forms of involuntary labor as far back as 150 years ago.

Well, since the Republican Party was founded in the 1850s as the party that advocated for abolition, the only party that fits Ingoglia’s description is…ta da…the Democratic Party.

Now, SB 1248 cleverly avoids stating that it is a “ban” of the Democratic Party, but it does stipulate that any canceled party can be reinstated…so long as it changes its name to one that does not closely resemble its original name.

Still, we know what Ingoglia seeks to do here: to ban the oldest political party in the United States, force it to change its name, and thus earn kudos from right-wing nutters for “slaying” the Democratic Party.

This is utter nonsense. It’s also petty, childish, and hateful.

But, that’s how Ingoglia and the pro-Trump MAGA crowd roll in 2023.

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Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/florida-republicans-bill-ban-state-democratic-party-rcna72917


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