Musings & Thoughts for Thursday, March 2, 2023, or: Countdown to the Big Six-Oh: ‘And the Clock is Running….’

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With slightly less than three days before I leave my 50s behind and enter the twilight zone of my 60s, I received my first birthday present this afternoon.

No, it was not a “birthday present from me to me.” If you wish to label any of my nonessential purchases at Amazon in March as such, you can. I won’t stop you, although the only item I’ve ordered that I consider fitting is my 4K Blu-ray of Devotion.

No, Dear Reader, this gift that I received today is the original soundtrack from The Fabelmans, with music composed and conducted by John Williams. My high school pal and partner-in-crime when it comes to short films, Juan Carlos Hernandez, and his wife Adria sent me the compact disc edition.

Album cover art (C) 2022 Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment & Sony Classical

My memory is a bit vague on whether or not I mentioned to Juan that I had almost ordered the album – which, along with the upcoming one for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, was to be Maestro Williams’ swan song to film scoring – in January but had changed my mind since I really must watch my budget now that I’ll be moving out. I think I did, because otherwise, how did he know that this would be a perfect gift?

I have not taken the shrink wrap off the CD packaging, so I have not played the album yet, but this is what The Fabelmans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack consists of:

The Fabelmans (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1.“The Fabelmans”John WilliamsWilliams2:13
2.“Mitzi’s Dance”WilliamsWilliams2:05
3.“Sonatina in A Minor, Op. 88 No. 3: III. Allegro burlesco”Friedrich KuhlauJoanne Pearce Martin1:51
4.“Midnight Call”WilliamsWilliams2:23
6.“Mother and Son”WilliamsWilliams2:28
7.“Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36 No. 3: Spiritoso”Muzio ClementiMartin1:58
9.“Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974: II. Adagio”Johann Sebastian BachMartin/Williams3:46
10.“New House”WilliamsWilliams2:28
11.“The Letter”WilliamsWilliams2:08
12.“The Journey Begins” (includes an excerpt from Sonata No. 48 in C Major, HOB. XVI: 35: I. Allegro con brio)Williams/Joseph HaydnWilliams6:08
Total length:31:14

I wasn’t expecting any birthday gifts this year, partly because I’m still feeling “meh” about the occasion, and partly because I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with my upcoming move (no, I don’t know my departure date, since the house is still being worked on now). So this was a pleasant surprise, to say the least, and I’m both touched and extremely grateful.

I have some stuff to do, so I’ll close here. Until next time, Dear Reader, stay safe and healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.


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    1. It’s only two people – no contractors – trying to do a huge DIY home renovation by themselves, and they both have jobs that they can’t shirk. It’s a 50-something-year-old house…a bit older than the one I lived in, so it’s taking longer than they expected.

      My birthday is on Sunday, so I’m still (as one of our Epinions friends used to say on her bio) 59.99 (and change).

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