Musings & Thoughts for Wednesday, March 29, 2023, or: A Quick Hump Day Post

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Time Flies, Even When You’re Not Having (Much) Fun

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It’s late morning here in Lithia, Florida, on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, and, as I write this, I’m marveling at how fast this month has “flown.”

It seems that not so long ago I was writing about past – and happier – birthday celebrations as my 60th birthday loomed on the horizon. Well, March 5 came and went, mostly in a dull, somewhat subdued fashion, and now it seems as though several months have passed since then. I guess the old saw about how humans perceive time – “The years fly faster as we age!” – has some truth to it.

Or, as I am so fond of saying, “Tempus fugit.”

I do need to get some reading done during the day, so I’m just going to do one of those “quick and easy” favorite things list-style posts and then get on with my writer’s workday stuff.

Play Along with Me!

At least I have quite a few movies and TV shows on home media (DVDs and Blu-ray discs) to watch if I get bored. (Photo by Alex Diaz-Granados)

You can only use a movie ONCE! No repeats. One movie per category. (Unless it’s a trilogy or saga, which still only counts as ONE.)

Favorite movie:  Star Wars

Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Favorite Tom Hanks movie: Saving Private Ryan

Movie that makes you cry: Summer of ’42

Favorite 80’s movie: Die Hard

Favorite comedy: Groundhog Day 

Favorite sports movie: The Bad News Bears

Favorite sci-fi movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Favorite courtroom movie: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite horror movie: IT

Most overrated movie: Citizen Kane

Favorite gangster movie: The Untouchables

Favorite action movie:  The Guns of Navarone

Movie you can watch over and over:  Raiders of the Lost Ark

Movie with the best soundtrack: Superman: The Movie

Movie you’re NOT embarrassed that you love: Emmanuelle

Favorite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story

Favorite sequel: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Favorite animated movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


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