Musings & Thoughts for Saturday, April 15, 2023, or: Weekend Update, Part the First

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Things on My Mind….

I took this “selfie” back in November of 2020.

I woke up incredibly early this morning. Not at 4 AM, thankfully, but it was still pitch-dark when – as is all too familiar an occurrence for me – I was awakened by a full bladder and the need to pee. Of course, I ventured forth to the bathroom across the hall, did my business, and ambled blearily back to my futon. I tried to fall asleep again, but even after what seemed like an eternity of tossing, turning, and muttering softly about just wanting 10 more minutes of sleep, I surrendered to reality and got up.

I brewed two cups of Folger’s Colombian coffee in the big Kitchen Aid coffeemaker we have in the kitchen – I briefly thought about either heating up a slice of a Big New Yorker pizza I ordered late last night or grabbing a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but I rejected both options – and consumed them while I read an article from the next-to-last issue of Time magazine. I would have preferred reading today’s newspaper, but no one here subscribes to the Tampa Bay Times, so I must work with what I have.

Anyway, one of the things that kept me from sleeping – other than anxiety over my future and frets about whether I’ll ever try dating someone again after my most recent relationship disaster – was my new story. I have not added any words to the almighty daily word count in a while; I haven’t been motivated enough to sit, think, and immerse myself in the world of Project X lately.

I’m in procrastination mode again, it seems, and even though I justify it by telling myself that I’m selling (or trying to sell) my existing novella, Reunion, the true root cause is a combination of depression, fear of not being able to write a delightful story, and the never-ending worries about the future.

The Leitmotif Question

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Speaking of Reunion, late yesterday afternoon, while I was hunting in the wilderness of YouTube for music videos to listen to while working on my blog, I decided to search for Forgotten Dreams, a 1954 composition for piano and orchestra written by Leroy Anderson in the 1950s.

I first heard Forgotten Dreams in an Evening at Pops telecast sometime in the early 1980s, during John Williams’ tenure as principal conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. It’s a short piece – two minutes and 30 seconds long in total – and was originally written as a piano learning exercise before Anderson fine-tuned it and gave it more musical heft for its 1954 debut.

Forgotten Dreams is a melancholic little piece, and it so haunted me after I heard it that when I wrote Reunion many years later, I named one of the novella’s chapters after it.

I promised myself that I would not work on the new story on weekends – Stephen King says it’s not healthy to work on any writing project without breaks, and weekends should be days off from the task of writing – so I won’t be fiddling with Project X today (even though there’s a petulant voice inside my head berating me for not wanting to work).

However, there are no rules that say I can’t think about writing-related topics, even if they’re aspirational ones, such as What if I adapted Reunion as a screenplay? How would that work out?

Consequently, since I have been clipping bits and pieces of Reunion and asking the OpenAI/Bing chatbot to rewrite them in the styles of different writers, the idea of turning my existing novella into a movie also raised an interesting question: what would a theme for Marty sound like?

There are, of course, countless pieces, mostly classical compositions or movie themes that might work, but Forgotten Dreams makes a suitable (if short) leitmotif for the girl of Jim Garraty’s dreams.

What do you think, Dear Reader? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    1. I heard it, I think, sometime in 1983-84, between high school and college. It made an impression on me, because when I wrote the first “cornerstone” of the current story, I used it as a section title.

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