On Writing & Storytelling: Music and Words – They Go Together Like Bacon and Eggs

Today’s post will be a short ‘n’ sweet one, partly for aesthetic reasons – it’s been a while since I did one with a bunch of music videos – but mostly because I was up late last night and worked (a bit too much, I dunno) on The New Story. I didn’t write too many additional words; I just did a few “housekeeping” things, like looking the chapter over, making sure there weren’t any plot holes or inconsistent details, and tidying up a few problematic passages.

Now, let me be clear: I didn’t spend all night working on my manuscript. I originally called it a day sometime after 8:30 PM, had dinner, listened to music for a while (but didn’t read!), and, later, watched a bit of TV in my room. But…in between the time I had dinner and the time I started watching something on Amazon Prime Video (Don’t ask me what I saw, because I was already drowsy when I turned on the TV and I fell asleep not long afterward. I’m not sure if I turned off the set before I nodded off, or if I woke up a bit later to turn it off and put my remote on my writing desk.), I suddenly had the urge – after 11 PM – to do the “housekeeping” chores on The New Story.

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As a result, today will probably not be a productive day on the writing front. Yesterday I produced a whopping 2,069 words; today’s word count will be lower.

I’d love to take day off and rest a bit, but I can’t simply stop working on the manuscript; I want to finish at least the first draft by midsummer so I can publish the finished product by the end of 2023. So, tired or not, inspired or not, I must at least write several hundred words by, say, 5 PM today.

Thus, the need for a music video post!

Since music is an essential part of the story’s first chapter, I thought I’d share some YouTube videos featuring the musical pieces I’ve mentioned in The New Story so far. So, without further ado….

The inspiration for the “Moonglow” club’s name
Mentioned in the first chapter
Mentioned in Chapter One
Mentioned in Chapter One
Mentioned in the first chapter
Mentioned in the first chapter.
The New Story won’t be ready for a while; I’m still in “first draft” mode and just finished the first chapter. In the meantime, here’s my novella Reunion: A Story, which you can get on Amazon either as a Kindle e-book or a CreateSpace paperback, which is also available through Barnes & Noble’s online store.

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