On Writing & Storytelling: Progress Report on ‘The New Story’ for Tuesday, May 2, 2023

I took this “selfie” back in November of 2020.

Hi, there, Dear Reader.

Well, here we are in the early afternoon of Tuesday, May 2, 2023, and I’m happy to report that I was able to stick to my plan of working on The New Story in the morning/midday shift, then stop – preferably with 1,000 words (more or less, preferably more) written and saved in the Word .docx file. Today I settled for slightly less than 1,000 (the “new words count” ended up being 808, after making nips and tucks to early drafts of today’s exertions.)

I am now on the fifth chapter of The New Story; today’s task was to complete the first scene in an interlude set in the narrator’s younger days that I started yesterday. Including the chapter title, this section of the story is 1,450 words long now – and the scene is done, at least in rough draft form.

As of this afternoon, The New Story is 40 pages long (including the epigraph page) with a total of 14,963 words.

It’s still relatively early in the afternoon, and in theory, I could go ahead and start on the second scene, but I’m not going to. I’m tired, I need to take a shower, shave, and change into fresh clothes. Plus, I can’t chain myself – figuratively – to my desk and write from dawn till dusk. I need to relearn how to balance work and relaxation and not obsess so much on The New Story.

Is The New Story any good? I’d like to think so, yes. I mean, I’m too close to the work to be totally objective, but I have shown bits and pieces of it to a select few, and they seem to like what they’ve read. Could it be better? Maybe, but since I edit as I go along – which is why my rough drafts aren’t exactly rough – I think I’d need someone to edit the manuscript just to make sure everything is kosher. I can’t afford to hire anyone, though, so I’ll just have to trust Word’s editing tools and my own instincts.

Anyway, as I said, I’m beat. And I need that shower! So, until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you on the sunny side of things.


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