More Musings & Thoughts for Sunday, May 21, 2023, or: I Will Be Getting Royalties Soon – But I Can’t Plan on Going House Hunting Just Yet…

One thing that did cheer me up today is that while I was writing Musings & Thoughts for Sunday, May 21, 2023, or: Weekend Update, Part the Second, Amazon sent me two emails to inform me that I can expect to receive at least two royalty payments. One is for the Kindle e-book edition of Reunion: A Story, the novella I self-published in the summer of 2018; the other is for Save Me the Aisle Seat, a collection of movie reviews I wrote and put out in 2012. (That was the only book I self-published before my mother died in 2015; she bought a copy, but she was suffering from various illnesses, including dementia, so she never really read it.)

According to my Kindle Direct Publishing account, Amazon will deposit into my bank account a grand total of $2.99 – $2.64 for Reunion and $0.35 cents for Save Me the Aisle Seat.

As you can see, I am not going to make a ton of money from these sales; the e-book edition of Reunion only costs $3.99 and I get a nice chunk of that but not the entire amount (I think my cut is 60% or something along those lines). So, it’s not like I can call up a real estate agent and start house hunting (or even nice apartment hunting, though I prefer houses) any time soon. That having been said, I’m happy that someone purchased a copy of my first work of fiction. (I am currently writing my second, and hopefully, I’ll get that one out by late summer or maybe fall of this year.)

If you’re not a writer and have never, ever seen a royalty payment notification, here’s what mine looks like:

This royalty payment notification is for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) sales recorded in the US Kindle Store. Payment will be made to your bank account and should appear in your available balance within 2 to 5 business days after the Payment Date. Details of the payment will be available on the Payment Report ( ) after it has been processed by your bank. If your KDP account is registered on the KDP Japan site, you can check your Payment report at .

Payment made to:           ALEX DIAZ-GRANADOS

As I said in a tweet on Twitter earlier, Stephen King doesn’t have to worry about any competition from me, and $2.99 doesn’t really buy much in 2023, but at least someone out there believes in me.


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