Music Album Review: ‘John Denver: Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits’

John Denver: Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits is a two-CD compilation of the best songs written or performed by the late singer/songwriter/activist John Denver (1943-1997). Produced by Rob Santos and put together by Gary Pacheco for BMG Heritage and Denver’s original label RCA, this 24-track collection was dropped on October 4, 2004 – the 35th anniversaryContinue reading “Music Album Review: ‘John Denver: Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits’”

Documentary/Music Special Review: ‘Great Voices Sing John Denver’

Great Voices Sing John Denver (2013) Written and Directed by: Kenneth R. Shapiro Produced by: Elisa Justice, Milton Okun, Rosemary Okun, Peter Primont, Kenneth R. Shapiro, Mark Shimmel Music Arranged and Directed by: Lee Holdridge Music and Lyrics: John Denver Starring: Danielle de Niesse, Placido Domingo, Placido Domingo Jr., Rodney Gilfry, Denyce Graves, Nathan Gunn, Thomas Hampson, Daniel Montenegro, Barbara Padilla,Continue reading “Documentary/Music Special Review: ‘Great Voices Sing John Denver’”