‘The New Story: Music from the Original Writing Soundtrack’

When I write fiction – be it Reunion: A Story (AKA “the one that’s floating out there on Amazon and the online Barnes & Noble store”), “The New Story,” or the occasional screenplay – I tend to listen to music as I sit at my desk, regardless of whether I’m writing or gnashing my teethContinue reading “‘The New Story: Music from the Original Writing Soundtrack’”

Music Album Review: ‘The Essential Glenn Miller’ (2005)

He was neither an outstanding soloist nor showman nor an original composer. Instead Miller’s personality combined idealism with a formidable work ethic in a soul that was deeply musical. – Mike Plaskett, in the liner notes for The Essential Glenn Miller Boy, the way Glenn Miller playedsongs that made the hit parade…. – Charles StrouseContinue reading “Music Album Review: ‘The Essential Glenn Miller’ (2005)”